Final Nikon DF Teaser Up, Recaps Previous Teasers and Leaves Us Wanting More

The last Nikon DF (if it is indeed called that) teaser is out and ready for you to take a look, but honestly, there’s not much left to see. The 4th and 5th teasers gave us our best look at the upcoming camera, and so you would think the 6th would be all but a reveal.

Rather, Nikon seems to have moved in the opposite direction by recapping the old teasers, showing nothing new, and letting us all sweat it out for the next two days while we wait to see if the official announcement can live up to all this hype.

Fortunately, you won’t have to go entirely without new information before the release, as it seems Nikon Rumors has picked up a few new tidbits along the way.



According to them, the low dial on the right of the camera above the command dial (just barely seen in one of the glimpses of the back of the camera) is the PSAM selector. They also claim that the shutter release will double as the on/off switch and include a thread for the Nikon AR-3 remote much like the FM2 did.

On the other side of the camera, you’ll find dials for ISO and white balance and/or possibly exposure comp. And, something not seen in any of the videos, there will also be a very small LCD on the top panel of the camera.

Check out the video at the top for your last (and, sadly, least satisfying) taste of Nikon teaser and keep your eyes on the site late night November 4th, since that’s when we expect official word to come down.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Davor

    There is so much hype around this camera, Nikon better live up to it!

  • Ryan

    If Nikon follow through I’ll buy this camera. If they follow through and it’s priced at a reasonable level, I’ll get this camera new.

  • HB

    Apparently they are demonstrating its “Quiet mode” in this video

  • Azety

    in 2 days i will know if i keep my D700 or get this DF … and i think i will keep my D700.

  • Slaven Smolcic

    What if…there is no AF in this camera? What if it’s a true retro?

  • TheNightstalker

    Let’s just hope they don’t jack up the price due to it being “simplistic” and “retro”

  • JustKidding

    This Nikon camera wont do well, it’s reveal is on the same day as Call of Duty: Ghost release. :p

  • Dmaster

    Why still Nikon name on Camera blurred ?

  • joker

    It’s actually a Canon.

  • Dave

    Nikon? Jack up the price? How dare you sir?! That’s just crazy talk.

  • superduckz

    Leaves “us” wanting more? speak for yourself.

  • Scott M.

    It has an AF-On button, which means positive on AF question. Only the better cameras have that feature.

  • Slaven Smolcic

    Ups!I’ve overseen that.That shutterspeed dial distracted me from AF button. :( Sorry!

  • Slaven Smolcic

    Better that than Olympus. ;-)

  • Heratch

    What if it’s truly retro and you can only shoot 36 pictures at a time, all at the same ISO? THAT would be cool.

  • Haystack

    I hope its quieter than the videos indicate. That shutter clap is loud enough to panic wildlife.

  • AL

    Speak for yourself too.

  • collinnyo145

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  • Gav

    It didn’t leave me wanting more…

  • TheNightstalker

    I knew it!