Nikon Teaser Videos 4 and 5 Offer Clearest View of ‘DF’ Camera Yet

Nikon’s rumored full frame ‘DF’ camera will soon be upon us, and this past week Nikon released the 4th and 5th installments of the teaser trailer series it has been releasing through YouTube. Here are parts one, two, and three.

The video above is the fifth teaser, released yesterday, and the video below is the fourth one, released this past Tuesday.

Yesterday’s teaser offers a number of clear views showing what portions of the camera will look like:




Those were supposedly the last two teasers. The official announcement for this camera is rumored to come sometime early next week, so stay tuned for the full details!

  • Colin Peddle

    I feel that that is on purpose, as a way of indicating that there’s going to be manual dials and switches with actual mechanical functions and not just a digital switch of 1’s and 0’s. In real use, there’s no way they’re that loud.

  • harumph

    It’s Scotland.

  • Scott M.

    I hope this is the real D700 replacement, with D4 sensor, 8fps and all the retro bits included. That would sell. Nikon won’t care about taking sales from D4 because D5 will be ready soon.

  • Lauren

    If you want to go to Scotland search on laurenoe on youtube! I will take you there!

  • Lauren

    If you want to go to Scotland – search on “laurenoe” on youtube! I will take you there!

  • Fernando

    Those were the best cameras ever built

  • Chester A. Arthur

    I also hardly care about video, but I don’t get the hostility toward it. What does one sacrifice with the inclusion of video, presuming it doesn’t require significant extra cost?

    All I can think of is that there is a switch to go from Still to Video mode and that space could be used for something else.

    But, then, I think all we’d really want is for the firmware to allow repurposing of that switch/button to something Still-centric.

    So it’s not about not having video, so much as being able to have control over any dedicated hardware video functions. Maybe even hide software menu video controls…but what else?

  • Steve Wakeman

    Smaller and lighter FX is great, not sure if retro is required.

  • VinceR

    “… worth the wait” ??? LIke waiting to see your film come back from the lab? Here’s what would make it truly revolutionary. And awesome: no LCD. Discuss!

  • harumph

    The question is, is it smaller and lighter than the D600/610? From the stills, it actually looks like it might be a little bit larger than the D600. And if rumors are to be believed, then it is going to be more expensive than the D610. So I’m still not seeing the point.

  • K S B

    It’s the same size as any other full-frame cameras.

  • K S B

    what are you, stupid?

  • K S B

    on the contrary, a lot of people like the old designs. i do too.

  • K S B

    it doesn’t get you either.

  • K S B

    “They make solid and conservative cameras – but nothing revolutionary!”
    Are you kidding me? The D90 was revolutionary — it was the pioneer in HD DSLR video recording. The D700 — first 51 AF-point with 3D tracking. The D800 — first DSLR with a whopping 36mp and a version with no AA filter, also the pioneer in XQD technology.

  • K S B

    my dad is the president of Canon and he said you suck.

  • K S B

    Nobody cares. Bye bye.

  • K S B

    never assume. if you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.

  • olafs_osh

    people do have to have something to put on the table next to their phones in a cafe [while sitting with an open book, but not actually reading it, because you have to have that thoughtful stare into yonder].

  • Hern

    The Nikon F started the SLR age. No, not revolutionary at all.

  • John R

    Maybe it doesn’t have a screen at the back. The Hybrid viewfinder is a standard Penta with a HUD overlay? 16bit RAW too

  • Kodachrome64

    I don’t get this. I thought this was supposed to be a new rival to the Sony camera, which actually does look like a slimmed down film SLR. So Nikon just makes a camera with basically the same looks as their other cameras, strips the video features, and calls it good? I’m really frustrated with Nikon/Canon, it’s like they can’t really make a bold step and do anything too far from their current offerings. Other manufacturers are out there really shaking things up and really being innovative. Anyway, those are my thoughts.

  • lunebe

    the best news of the decade. Fed up to carry bulky cameras. A DFM will see me the happiest photographer

  • faloc

    or just go to Stonehaven in Scotland ^^ but skip Aberdeen… it’s bloody dull here… grey everywhere!

  • faloc

    so what? it’s still a bloody nikon… want something that’s good and small? Leica

  • faloc

    my uncle is the CEO of Leica Camera, he said all of you are far from perfect.

  • K S B

    My dad makes more money than your uncle. LOL.

  • Shanti

    see screen here..just use fill light..

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  • clipper

    Indeed Lauren. Not quite my local castle, but only ~20 miles away. The nearest is only about 1mile :-) Kilchurn is a photographers favourite … see flickr for piles of images. And the earlier ads looked like a glen in Glencoe ….

  • Lauren

    Yep. Scotland and the rest of the UK are a photographer’s dream. Every year I try and spend a month there! :)

  • collinnyo145

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