Round 3: Nikon’s Third ‘Pure Photography’ Full-Frame Teaser Goes Live

The Nikon full-frame teaser campaign continues with yet another video of the solitary Nikon user making his way across Scotland — discovering himself as we slowly discover the rumored camera, supposedly called the Nikon DF.

This is the third in the series of teaser videos (you can find the first and second at the above link), and even though it shows less of the camera in the shots of the man himself, it seems the company is revealing a little more of the camera at the end of each video.

Here’s a screenshot from the only part of the video where the camera is shown IRL (click for full res), and a second shot that has been brightened by the folks over at Nikon Rumors to show as much of the camera as possible:



According to NR, we should expect three more ‘Pure Photography’ videos before the teaser campaign is over and we get to find out about the new camera for real. There are supposedly going to be a total of 5 teaser videos — one released every other day (stay tuned for number 4 on Wednesday) — and then one final introduction video.

Nikon has also launched a dedicated ‘Pure Photography’ microsite where the videos are uploaded as they go up. You can keep up with the videos there or stick around PetaPixel and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date as soon as new teasers go live. NR expects the official announcement to go live between the 4th and the 6th of November.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • Furunomoe

    Other than the classic Nikkor lens looks, everything else looks like a typical Nikon DSLR for me, if only there’s something like K1000 Digital…

  • Will Mederski

    the bourgeois romanticism is strong with this one…

  • superduckz

    I “get” marketing but Jebus.. It’s just a camera. It’s not a cure for Cancer.

  • Sky

    I can’t see almost anything on that video to pass judgement like that.

  • Sky

    Tell that to Fuji and everyone else doing similar campaigns before.

  • Furunomoe

    The grip, the curved pentaprism housing, and the mode dial seems like a modern DSLR rather than a vintage SLR.

  • superduckz

    Oh I know. It’s still just sort of tiresome.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    A sneak peek at the dust issues of Nikon’s latest camera.

  • dannybuoy

    Who doesn’t sit around the campfire pumping themselves clean?

    Almost a 1/4 turn of the lens to lock into place. Not being a Nikon user I have no idea if that is normal. Is it the standard with Nikor lenses or is it a new mount?

  • Sudeep Agarwal

    Oh Nikon, you tease. Well if they did reveal the camera fully they wouldn’t need to release the final two videos, would they?

  • Sudeep Agarwal

    And a photographer’s fruitless attempt to salvage the situation.

  • David

    Wow what a terrible ad!!!

    What does it tell you, people a lone without friends buy Nikon. Hoping to take photos in the dark of birds that passed them minutes earlier.

    Also you have to sell your house and your stuff and live by fire to stay warm just to afford it.
    Now whats with the major dust issue on the sensor? You need to advertise cleaning it in an ad?
    Did someone actually see this, before it went live?

  • Ian Lindo

    Did you actually read your own comment before you posted it?

  • Jordan Butters

    Man, you are all kinds of special.

  • Will Mederski

    the first lens he has on there is a 35mm 2.0, so it’s a traditional nikon mount.

  • Steve Nuth

    I wonder if it will come with lots of problems then they’ll add a number 10 to the next upgrade’s name released 6 months later with the bugs fixed?

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Whiny brand loyalist is whiny

  • Antonio Carrasco

    The guy trashing a particular brand of camera is almost always the worst photographer in the room.

    Both Canon and Nikon (and now Sony, Fuji and Olympus) make great cameras. Whichever brand you pick is just a personal choice. If you are dissing someone’s camera, you’ve lost the plot.

  • Steven Barall

    I hope Nikon is paying you good money for showing their commercials.

  • Panchoskywalker

    Totally agree. This is going too far. I’m a canon user and I don’t feel that kind of orgasm when I clean my gear. Is that a nikon exclusive feature?

  • JRS Action Shots

    Changing lens next to a campfire…boy you’re just asking for dust issues.

  • Will Mederski

    it’s partly due to the fact that us nikon users can still use our now-fashionable early nikkor glass on newer bodies. :oP
    but yeah, i agree. this is seriously overdone.

  • Will Mederski

    hopefully it will at least come with that nifty blower!

  • Matthew “fotomatt” Lit

    This could be a trial balloon with no such camera in existence. Create the videos using an old FM2. Create the stir. Monitor the outcome. See if it’s worth actually moving forward with. Or…it’s actually happening.

    I hope it’s not just a way to recycle shutters out of the D(oh!) 600


  • Zos Xavius

    I feel the same way so far. So you aren’t alone despite all the hate. Looks boring IMO. A digital K1000 would be as pure as you can get.

  • tttulio

    It is Nikon V1 with a fake pentaprism a la OMD.

  • Spartacuss

    As to the video, it appears that he is cleaning the lens off the camera, with the camera exposed to the elements. Who does this? Don’t you leave the camera internals covered, or at least with a different lens until the “clean” lens is ready?

  • Felipe_Paredes

    Check your eyes buddy

  • David

    I wasn’t trashing Nikon the camera. I was trashing the Marketing department at Nikon on this one. I think the Ad is terrible! Really what image does it give you of Nikon the brand, the people whom are associated with Nikon and the people they are targeting. Because I use Nikon cameras, Olympus cameras, Sigma cameras and an Old Kodak SLR/n is irrelevant.

    @lindo, I think and type at the same time. I know I should proof read the grammer and spelling mistakes out after, but I forget and just post. You get the idea anyway.

  • Ryan A. Lanzetta

    I have been wanting this for a while! My dream has come true! Hopefully it will be cheap with very few features.

  • Jay Last

    It’s a shame sooo many people take fun things like this sooo seriously.