Nikon’s Third Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera Teaser is ‘The Body’

Nikon has just released the third of six planned teasers for the full frame mirrorless camera that will be announced on August 23rd. After “Travel of Light” and “Mount,” this latest video is titled “The Body.”

“We’ve pursued the development of the ultimate camera for many years,” Nikon writes in the description of the 33-second video above. “Our new mirrorless system further embodies our spirit of manufacturing cameras without compromise.”

At the end we see another shadowy glimpse of what the camera body will look like:

The view is strangely similar to what Nikon teased in “Mount”:

We do see Nikon’s logo visible in the latest view, and the camera is seen with a lens mounted to the front.

“All the expertise Nikon has acquired over the past 100 years has been poured into this camera,” Nikon states in the video, which calls the upcoming camera, “The evolution of Nikon quality.”