Video: Ten Photography Life Hacks That’ll Save You Money

We’ve shared a few pretty cool life hacks over the years — for example, check out this super-simple drop test that’ll let you know if your AA batteries are juiced and ready to go — but the video above brings together some of the most useful.

Put together by DigitalRev, these ten photo-related life hacks have the potential to make your photographic life that much easier, while saving you some money as well.

The hacks range from simple and mildly useful to ingenious. On the simple side of the line, you have tips like using your lens cap and rear cover to store your memory cards, or putting your battery door inside the slot in the battery grip so you don’t lose it.


On the more useful side are tips like using an egg timer and a GoPro to create a 360-degree time-lapse on the cheap, getting a cheap piece of welding glass to use as an ND filter and using a set of Apple headphones as a remote trigger for your iPhone’s camera.

Of course, this being DigitalRev, there are a few jokes (not all 100% appropriate) along the way as well. To see all 10 life hacks in action, check out the video at the top. And if that’s not enough life hack goodness for you, be sure to dig through our archives for more useful tips.

(via Reddit)

  • Thalenko Mirokov

    good ol’times of digitalrevtv!

  • Jon Woodbury

    Some interesting stuff. I’m guessing that anyone who shoots for anything other than fun had their heart in their stomach as soon as he tossed his SD cards in his lens caps and threw it into the bag. Those things aren’t that tough. Most SD cards wouldn’t survive too many trips banging around like that.

  • Kim

    of course they would. They’re tough as hell.

  • D.G. Brown

    Makes me wish Canon flashes had an optical slave mode… :-(

  • ietion

    had my heart in my stomach on 6:10, the way he gently attaches the grip to the camera..

  • Eugene Chok

    number 6 only applies to non canon grips since they already have a slot to put the battery cover in

  • Eugene Chok

    got 6 bucks ? buy an optical trigger from ebay