‘Toilet Diaries’ Turns Joint Bathrooms Into a Never Ending Source of Photo Humor


While living in their studio — which also happened to be located in an old bank with joint bathrooms at the time — photographers Gerban Grotenhuis and Marc Marselje had an interesting idea. Just how many creative and funny scenes could they create using those joint toilets?

The result is a humorous and creative photo series called Toilet Diaries that transformed joint toilet rooms into everything from a WWII battleground to the inside of a claw crane machine.

It all started with a few drinks on a Friday night and the funny idea to do the dishes while sitting on their respective toilets (where they woke up the next morning). After that, the rest of the series just naturally took shape as Grotenhuis and Marselje began their photographic exploration of “the s*** you can do in a toilet.”


As the ideas came rolling in, the duo played around with some pretty intricate scenes. While some were simple enough — like the one above that started it all — many got much more intense.

Speaking to SLR Lounge, they explained that their favorite shoots were also the most complicated (and annoying to clean up). Marselje’s favorite was the zombie shoot, which took hours of cleaning to get all of the fake blood, mud and “other crazy crap” they used out of the bathrooms.

Grotenhuis’ favorite was the WWII shoot, not only because of how complicated and fun it was to set up and properly light, but also because of the surreal feeling of walking into a bank with hand grenades (albeit deactivated, 100% safe ones…).

Here’s are just a few of the many scenes they shot. Which is your favorite?


















Beyond being a fun project that let both the photographers’ creativity run wild, Grotenhuis and Marselje both admit that they got something out of it as well. Marselje, the perfectionist, learned to work more efficiently in the time he had; while Grotenhuis, who prides himself on speed, developed a better eye for detail in the process.

There are a lot more images in the Toilet Diaries series, so if you like what you see, be sure to head over to the duo’s BÄ“hance page and scroll through the whole hilarious bunch. And if you really enjoyed the series, drop by Big Cartel and pick up your very own Toilet Diaries calendar for 17.50 Euros (about $24).

(via SLR Lounge)

Image credits: Photographs by Gerban Grotenhuis and Guldor Photography