Leaked Photos of Sony’s Upcoming NEX-5T and Three New E-Mount Lenses


Sony is primed to announce quite a few new products in the coming months. Some of the more exciting rumored products include the groundbreaking Lens Cameras and the NEX full frame mirrorless camera everyone has been salivating over.

The photos that leaked earlier today, however, don’t show either of those. Instead we get a peek at three upcoming lenses and an updated NEX-5 series camera.


The camera in question is the upcoming NEX-5T, which looks to be a very minor upgrade to the NEX-5R. No real specs have leaked, but rumors have the 5T adding in Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities — so connectivity with Xperia phones is likely — a new menu interface and a Fn button that was absent on previous models.


Additionally, the leak also revealed the above poster and three upcoming E-Mount lenses: a Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS, a ZEISS 16-70mm f/4 ZA OSS and a Sony 18-105mm f/4G OSS.

Here’s a look at those three lenses:




No word on when the lenses will make landfall, but Sony is expected to announce the NEX-5T in mid-September, so it’s possible the lenses will also make their official debut then. We’ll be sure to keep you as up to date as possible, so check back often.

(via Photo Rumors)

  • derp

    power zoom on the third looks pretty cool for video.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Is there still no way to trigger an external flash with NEX cameras? That’s kind of a big deal

  • tttulio

    If the Zeiss Zoom was f2.8 that would be the only lens you need, and convert those who don’t want to jump the Sony bandwagon because there are not enough lenses.

  • Dania Afentoulidou

    I wonder too!

  • Art

    you can buy a hotshoe adapter from ebay. im using a yn460 with my nex 5n, works fine. i think it will be the same with triggers.