Stunning Macro Photographs of Animal Eyes


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in the case of Suren Manvelyan‘s macro photography, it’s just in the eye. After his extreme close-up photos of both human and animal eyes went viral one right after the other, Manvelyan decided to continue seeking out more beauty in the eyes of animals by releasing a part two to the amazing series we shared with you back in 2011.

As with the first series, all of the animals who kindly “sat” for Manvelyan’s photos were alive and well — nobody was hurt in the process.

But as he exhausts the list of “run of the mill” animals he can photograph, he’s had to go more exotic, leading to some even more impressive macro shots of some extremely strange-looking eyes.

We won’t reveal who each of these eyes belongs to (you can find these and more captioned here), but we will tell you that the photos below are close-ups of everything from a Hippo eye, to a flying Possum eye, to the eye of a long-eared Owl. Can you tell which is which without cheating?















To see the rest of the photos in part two of this fascinating series, head over to Manvelyan’s Bēhance page or website. And if you want to keep up with his journey to discover and photograph more exotic animal eyes — and play “Guess the owner of the eye” with him — be sure to check out his Facebook page here.

Image credits: Photographs by Suren Manvelyan

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  • Shinfo

    I don’t like the snoot reflection in the eye, but other than that its awesome

  • Shinfo

    *sorry the grid*

  • Ibrahim KAMMAH

    I wonder what gear has been used… especially the lenses..

  • Sky

    EXIF stripped from a photos on his website? :( Now that’s a shame.

  • Intrikt

    100 mm Macro 2.8