212 Instagrammers Join Forces to Create Stop-Motion Car Video

Never underestimate the power of 212 Instagrammers. Now that might seem like a strange thing to say, but vehicle manufacturer Lexus quite literally put over 200 mobile-phone-toting-picture-takers on a lot with a 1,400-foot track and let them go to town on the 2014 Lexus IS F SPORT — a vehicle we all would probably like to see sitting outside our front doors.

This project, dubbed the ‘Lexus Instafilm,’ is essentially the stop-motion video version of what you’d normally ignore on those 2-minute intervals between your shows on television, better known as commercials.

Lexus Instafilm

The way this went down is rather straightforward. Each Instagrammer is assigned a frame number, and with the guidance of the project’s director, they snap a photo of the car. That photo then gets the Instagram filter treatment (at the discretion of the person who snapped it), and gets posted to Instagram with the #LexusInstafilm hashtag, as one would imagine.

In the end, you’ve got a sequence of Instagram photos that get assembled in Adobe Premiere and voila, the Lexus Instafilm!

Let’s be honest: it’s a pretty big marketing stunt, but it goes to illustrate just how creative one can be with Instagram. Of course, Lexus isn’t the first to do a stop-motion project using Instagram, but maybe next time they can look into using Instagram Video instead.

(via John Nack)

  • Rabi Abonour

    Awesomely creative, really fun spot.

  • Mike

    If I went on instagram and some guy was posting multiple photos of a Lexus emblem, that’s just asking to be axed!

  • agour

    viral marketing at its finest :)


    I’m perplexed because this is at the same time an extremely clever viral marketing stunt and one of the most complicated ways to make what is ultimately a sh**ty clip.

  • Shiny

    They even have a printed copy of the picture they have to take? meh…

  • jwashington3

    It would look so much more awesome if their phones were positioned horizontally.

  • surf


  • Luboslav Bujnak

    Lexus is becoming what scion always wanted to be. Cool, connected with proper cars :)

  • CameraLovesMe

    Glorification of mediocrity.

  • Joey Duncan

    Scion became exactly what they wanted to be, a product, nothing more.

    What Lexus is doing is a traditional method of selling cars, you let those one or two awesome cars bring up your image of the rest of the company. It works in trends.

  • specialgraphics

    I agree, the effort and coolness of the project is solely visible by the making of, and not the actual result. I personally wouldn’t travel that far to shoot a HORIZONTAL movie frame of a car.