Get Naked With Me: Group Boudoir Shots Are Now a Trendy Thing


Call it female empowerment; call it friendship; call it bonding… Whatever you call it, the newest trend in boudoir photography involves “getting your boudoir on” with your friends. Yes, according to the Today Show, groups of women are now stripping down to next to nothing with their besties for professional group boudoir photos.

Together. As in, “Hey, let’s take most of our clothes off and then huddle together for a group shot!” We’re not talking a group of friends in a bathroom mirror for an Instagram photo. We’re talking full on, thong or bare bottom, stilettoed togetherness. <cue the “bowm-chickee-bowm-bowm music”> Oh, come on-don’t tell me you weren’t thinking of that. 

skinNow, I love boudoir photography, and, I love my friends, but I don’t love either one enough to merge them. It’s not that I’m a prude. I’m not. I admire the human body; I celebrate it. I have learned to love every wrinkle, roll and dimple.

Okay, that’s a lie. I haven’t learned to love them; it’s more like all the flaws and I have come to a kind of mutual understanding over the years; they understand that I am not going to stop eating doughnuts and I understand that they will not hesitate to expand and multiply as a result of it. And I’m good with that.

All that being said, I wouldn’t mind stripping down for an intimate professional boudoir portrait. Soft music, warm lights, a lace covered bed, a giant t-shirt down to my knees, preferably with a picture of Rocky Balboa on it. That’s got “hawt” written all over it.

But getting sexy with my friends?

Oh, God, no.

A boudoir is a lady's private room. The word comes from the French word bouder, which means "to be sulky."

A boudoir is a lady’s private room. The word comes from the French word bouder, which means “to be sulky.”

Now, I get the whole boudoir concept. In the right hands and with the right talent, boudoir portraits can make a woman can feel brilliantly alive and sexy. These sessions, which start out with hesitancy and timidness, quite often end in an unleashed joy of one’s own body. I love that. I understand that.

Hewlett-PackardWhat I don’t understand is what’s so empowering about getting almost naked for photographs with your friends? Do I want to be skin to skin with my friends? I mean, we’re close, but let’s not get crazy. Do I want to shove myself into a corset and pose opposite my friends who have also shoved themselves into corsets? I can’t imagine that resulting in anything other than fits of laughter. And a need for vodka.

And who is the recipient of these photos? As women, we give them to our husbands, boyfriends, significant others, but what do you do with a GROUP boudoir photo? I’m still trying to figure that one out.

I am all for Girl Power, but can my friends and I not find female empowerment in other ways? Like discovering a clearance on shoes or eating an entire cheesecake together? Or staying up late to watch Nicholas Sparks’ movies. Surely, there are better, less, bootylicious options, options that don’t involve waving our junk at each other in front of a photographer’s lens.

In closing, I’m glad for any woman who finds female empowerment by taking Group Boudoir portraits. Seriously. As for me, I will continue to prefer my boudoir experience like I prefer going to the bathroom…by myself.

Image credits: sweaty-skin by Jo Andre Johansen, corsets by veritatem

  • Mike

    I approve!

  • Alan Dove

    This is going to make it very tough to get sympathy during the next gripefest about the photography employment market.

  • Fuzztographer

    Call it… attention whoring.

  • Kay O. Sweaver

    I think this is probably more a case of a slow news day and an opportunistic photographer rather than a real trend. I agree with the author, I can’t quite figure out what happens with the final product. I don’t see many of these ending up on facebook (on purpose). Still, a good niche for the photographer who can pull it off.

  • Ken Elliott

    I guess I don’t get the point of the article. Cheri Frost seems to be saying “I don’t understand.” It comes across as ” I don’t understand why anyone would drink wine. Isn’t water a better way to hydrate?”

    I shot such an event. The ladies all wore bikini-like underwear, but they were shot to look like they were not wearing anything. This was more of a wine and cheese party, and the ladies had a fantastic time. Most of the shots were individuals, or a couple. It was less about art and more like a photo booth.

    It was not about empowerment, sex or glamor. It was a bunch of girl friends that just wanted to have a fun evening. It really had little to do with photography.

  • Eric Boutilier-Brown

    Having worked with a lot of people who’ve modeled nude with their friends (usually best friends, sometimes just people they know) I would have to suggest that for most people it is something they do for the experience – it is less the images, and more the process that is the reward for them (again, this is only my experience, but it is based on actual events). As a photographer (approaching this as fine art, not a commercial session) there is something just wonderful about the comfort and intimacy between friends, which is completely different from the energy between couples in the same situation (modeling together nude).

  • Dino de

    Think of it like skydiving… if your friends are involved you are less likely to chicken out. Also, if you have really good friends they will help you feel more confident… you may even find yourself willing to ditch the Rocky Balboa tee-shirt.

  • jay

    I dont know how being naked or going topless (in public) empower women.

  • Mark N

    Pipe down, Jay – we want to ENCOURAGE such behavior! :)

  • wickerprints

    The creeper GWCs on MM are gonna have a field day with this.

  • Jeremy Madore

    Oh, the irony of a woman writing how shopping clearance for shoes or enjoying a good cheesecake can SERVE AS FEMALE EMPOWERMENT! That statement, in itself, only furthers the female stereotype that offends the women who find a need to feel more empowered!

    As for the message of the article – there is an industry for literally ANY IDEA you have. This just goes to prove that.

  • Jorge Garcia

    Specially in the states.

  • Vin Weathermon

    It is working for me. But then, I cannot imagine doing this myself…even with a few girls. I don’t look that good :-)

  • Vin Weathermon

    I must say I’d like to shoot a group of nude girls. It would be a challenge, but I’d persevere.