Video: The Top 15 Features of Photoshop Every Photographer Should Know

Photographer Jeff Cable has come a long way from his first few gigs shooting Bar and Bat Mitzvahs in San Francisco. Mostly sports-related, his résumé now includes images from the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, a stint as the official Team USA Hockey photographer during the 2010 games in Vancouver and the Team USA Water Polo photographer during the 2012 games in London.

In this B&H Event Space seminar, however, he’s not going to just scroll through a bunch of pictures and talk about how he composed or shot them. Instead, he’s sharing some thoughts on post-processing: specifically, the 15 features in Photoshop that he believes every photographer should know.

The idea for this seminar, which he almost titled “The 2000 Features of Photoshop You Don’t Need to Know,” came when Cable realized that, for all his editing, he tended to use about 15 features 90-percent of the time. He shows you each of the edits and tools he tends to do in turn, and how he applies them in Photoshop. He also discusses Adobe Camera Raw, as well as some helpful tools for maximizing speed like using a Wacom tablet or installing an SSD.


The seminar is nearly 2 hours long, so we won’t endeavor to go into detail on every specific feature Cable discusses. To see how he edits the majority of his images to great effect using a very limited number of tools, you’ll want to take the time out of your schedule to watch the seminar yourself. Then, once you’ve done that, you can get the other side of the story (i.e. how he composes his shots) by visiting Cable’s blog here.

He’s the first to admit that not everyone will agree with him, and other photographers may use other features very often. But if you’re only now getting going with Photoshop and you’re having a hard time parsing through the plethora of potential uses, a couple of hours of tutelage by Jeff Cable may help hone you into a more efficient image editor.

  • Melka


    After seeing the video, this is definitely not the way i see photography.

    Too much blabla, could be done in 15 minutes.

  • Goofball Jones

    Wait, I thought everyone hated Photoshop and Adobe now. You should redo this seminar based on Photoshop’s alternative which is……? MS Paint? GIMP? (Bahahahaha) Paint Shop Pro? (More bahahaha).


  • johneve

    At one point in the video he made a comment about all the things he does to an image… “if there is a branch sticking out of someone’s head ill clone it out”
    I’m an old school guy. You see this in your viewfinder when you compose the shot, fix it then and not in post. The one thing every photographer should know about photoshop is that it is not a tool to make your crappy shots look acceptable. Sadly it is too often used that way.

  • Dénis Wettmann

    #0 Do not buy Photoshop!

  • Trythe1

    Don’t forget pixelmator, I find it’s decent enough :)

  • Sol_Invictus

    And getting better with each version.

  • Mark Dub

    2 hours for 15 features? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    Is this another Photoshop 101 class or is there actually something useful in here?

  • hail___hail

    I would pay a monkey $7 to watch this video and sum it up for me. This guy talks too much for the content he’s presenting.

  • AutomaticPython

    Don’t be an elitist, people where touching up photo’s since it was invented, just the tools change.

  • Ringo Paulusch

    In Camera Raw, why does he open the images as 8-bit files (at 33:50)?

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Yeah, why waste 5 seconds changing your shooting angle, when you could spend an hour editing it out in Photoshop… lol

  • Stuart Dallas

    Agreed, but a) sometimes you catch the perfect moment without time to adjust your position, b) each to their own, and c) it’s the end result that matters to most people, not how you got there.