Photos of Patterns and Repetition Spotted During Urban Exploration


Take a look at photographer Jared Lim‘s portfolio, and many of his photographs might look to you like they’re the product of liberal Photoshop Clones Stamp usage. They feature repeating shapes, colors, and patterns found in various cities’ urban environments.

Based in Singapore, Lim is an urban explorer — he calls himself a “wanderer” — and says he has always been drawn to geometry, lines, curves, patterns, and abstract designs.

Thus, architectural photography has been a natural fit for him ever since he picked up a camera. While traveling to different cities around the world for his travel industry job, Lim captures things that catch his eye in monochrome, in color, and on the street.

In an interview over on Chase Jarvis’ blog, Lim says he does minimal editing on his images:

I try to get my composition and lighting right during shooting so as to minimize the amount of post correction work. Post work mainly involves correction of lens distortion and perspective, because I am rather meticulous in my composition. I love strong colors and most of my work reflects that.
















You can find more of Lim’s work over on his website and on his 500px page. You can also connect with him through Facebook.

(via The Fox is Black)

Image credits: Photographs by Jared Lim and used with permission

  • Jones

    love it!

  • Cloudsuck

    Cool idea.

  • JoshDunlop

    Fantastic work

  • madmax

    Very good work. Not all is about urban exploration, but also finding the correct angle and lighting.

  • Jimmy

    While I will start by stating the obvious; I do not have the talent or creativity to capture these images, for the sake of trolling I submit to you that this is derivative work of what an architect has already imagined.

  • tyrohne

    This is a truly phenomenal series. Lim has an artist’s eye.

    Well done and very 8-bit…

  • Olly

    He’s not claiming credit for the architect’s work, much like a landscape photographer doesn’t take the credit for lighting a sunrise. The world is out there for photographers to capture, and sadly the internet full of people who feel their sole purpose is to criticise.

  • Helvio

    Fantastic photograhy!!

  • NotAGoodName

    Architects would be nothing without photographers. Photogs are the reason most people know what the Empire State Building or the Golden Gate Bridge looks like.

  • Thomas Hawk

    Great work! Well done Jared!

  • Chaia Marshall

    These are stunning and SUPER inspiring!

  • AnalogMachine

    I’m a big fan of Jared’s work!! He’s one of my favorites Photographer (Actually he’s in the very top of the list :) )

  • Andy

    You’re a real bummer, Jimmy. It’s a photography website.

  • Swade

    While that is somewhat true, it is also somewhat false. Yes, he takes pictures of architecture that is already the imagination of the original designer, but he is never showing you an entire building. He finds angles, lighting, and color that repeats to create shapes and patterns you would otherwise not see because you were looking at the whole thing. Take the sixth picture of the stadium seats. When you first look at it you are not seeing shapes, but repeating ‘s’ patterns created by the light hitting the top edge of each seat. Or the last one. It was the architectures intent to create a building with symmetry, but he takes a snippet of that where one and only one window is ajar, which changes the entire feel of the photograph.

  • Antonomy

    I agree with your statement and supplement it with the comment that this work has already been done by gursky, still very beautiful stuff all the same

  • patterner

    I absolutely love it and just recently filled up my cf cards with that stuff on a trip to new york!

  • ReinoldFZ .

    I totally agree with u Jimmy. This is a derivative work (and like antonomy I find similar to Gursky) of the work of an architect. It would be polite if the photographer would say the name of the designer. Curiously the photographers have more scrupules with the work of sculptors or painters…
    Said that they are good photographs.