Revolog Launches Echo, a Mesmerizing Special Effects Film

A nighttime cityscape features a skyline of tall buildings with illuminated windows. The sky is filled with streaks of green, red, and yellow lights, creating an abstract and vibrant effect above the city.

Austrian film company Revolog just launched Echo, a new special effects film that effortlessly creates stunning results.

Echo is a 35mm color negative film that creates dazzling images with jewel-toned swirls that morph photos in a unique way.

“Echo is the first revolog film to combine captivating color shifts with mesmerizing prismatic textures. Imagine textures reminiscent of gemstone reflections, intensifying in darker areas and subtly fading in brighter ones,” the company explains.

Close-up of large palm fronds with a beach in the background. The sky is clear, and waves gently lap the shore. The image features colorful light leaks, adding a dreamy and artistic effect to the serene beach scene.

An enchanting beach scene at sunset, viewed through trees lining the shore. Silhouettes of people are seen in the distance near the water. The foreground features reflections in what appears to be a pool, with vibrant light streaks enhancing the image's atmosphere.

A serene tropical beach scene features clear blue water, white sand, and leaning palm trees. The sky is bright, and the view is framed by clusters of lush green foliage. The tranquil setting hints at a peaceful, sunny getaway.

It’s difficult to express the effect, but luckily, Echo released several sample images with varying lighting and subjects to really show photographers how the film will capture with work. In them, nighttime cityscapes look like still from a Ghostbusters scene. Shaded palm trees take on a psychedelic light. Skies dance with color.

A nighttime cityscape with tall buildings and bright lights. Cars create light trails on a busy road, and red, swirling light patterns appear in the sky above, adding an artistic, surreal effect to the urban scene.

A night cityscape with various skyscrapers illuminated against the dark sky. Red and green light streaks form abstract patterns above the buildings, creating a surreal and colorful effect. The city lights add to the vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

A tranquil beach scene at dusk with calm waters reflecting the pastel colors of the sky. Silhouettes of trees frame the image, and two people stand near the shoreline. Bright, abstract light patterns overlay the scene, adding a surreal effect.

A nighttime cityscape featuring tall buildings illuminated by a mixture of city lights. The scene is overlaid with colorful, abstract light streaks in red, green, and blue, adding a surreal and chaotic effect to the urban landscape.

A vibrant dusk sky over a calm ocean with scattered clouds. Abstract, colorful light trails in hues of red, orange, and yellow overlay the scene, creating a dreamy and surreal atmosphere. A distant horizon is visible, and tree branches peek in from the top right corner.

It’s a fascinating product that could easily be an exciting addition to any photographer’s setup. Revolog’s Echo film offers two ISO options, 200 and 400, which sell for $16 and $17, respectively. It’s available on both Revolog’s site and through Dubblefilm. Each option includes 36 captures in total.

Revolog and Dubblefilm announced a creative partnership back in 2019, and the collaboration continues to pay dividends, with Dubblefilm’s products available on Revolog’s website and vice versa. The partnership also resulted in the move from 24- to 36-shot film rolls for Dubblefilm’s offerings and some renamed film stocks. It’s always nice to see film companies continue to flex their creative muscles and develop interesting new ways for analog shooters to capture photos. While it’s not immediately obvious how Revolog has achieved Echo’s neat new look, there’s little doubt photographers will find exciting ways to put it to use.

A nighttime cityscape featuring an illuminated park and surrounding buildings. Green ethereal light patterns are overlaid on the dark sky, creating a surreal and dreamy effect. Bright streetlights and car lights are visible in the foreground, adding to the urban atmosphere.

View of an airplane wing through a window at high altitude with a gradient sky in the background, transitioning from blue to orange near the horizon. The scene is overlaid with vibrant red and green light streaks swirling around the edges.

View from an airplane window showing the wing and a clear sky above the clouds. The sky is enhanced with abstract red and pink light trails, giving it an artistic and surreal effect.

A person relaxes on a wooden lounge chair under a tall palm tree on a sandy beach. The chair faces a calm blue ocean, with mountains visible in the distance. The scene is peaceful and sunny, with clear skies above.

Aerial view of a brightly lit city intersection at night with surrounding buildings and streets visible. Abstract colorful light trails overlay the scene, adding a dynamic, artistic effect to the urban landscape.

A nighttime cityscape filled with tall buildings and illuminated windows. The scene is covered with abstract, colorful light trails in red, yellow, and orange, creating a surreal effect over the urban landscape. The sky is dark, adding contrast to the bright lights.

Revolog is also highly experienced in the world of special effects film. Launched in 2009, the company has released numerous film rolls that give photographers experimental styles to try. Revolog’s Nebula and Kosmos similarly add these dreamy lighting effects. Meanwhile, its Paper film adds texture to black and white images. Then Revolog has options like Kolor, 460nm, and 600nm, which provide different color effects.

Tall modern skyscrapers against a clear sky with an artistic overlay of colorful, swirling abstract light patterns in yellow, orange, green, and red. The buildings have large windows, and the cityscape extends into the distance. A partial moon is visible.

A serene tropical beach scene with three tall palm trees in the foreground, their leaves slightly rustling. In the blue ocean water behind them, a small boat floats peacefully. The background reveals distant mountains under a bright, clear sky.

A beach scene with a single deck chair beside a closed white umbrella in the sand. The background shows a calm sea, distant rocks, and a partly cloudy sky. The image has a surreal overlay of colorful, wispy light patterns, adding a dreamy effect.

A vibrant cityscape at night featuring light trails from moving vehicles on a busy road. Tall buildings with illuminated windows form the backdrop, while colorful, abstract light patterns overlay the sky, creating a dynamic and artistic visual effect.

Nighttime cityscape with colorful light streaks in the sky, creating a surreal effect. Tall buildings and a well-lit park with lush green areas and pathways are visible. A monorail track curves through the foreground.

A nighttime cityscape with towering buildings illuminated by lights. Red and pink streaks of light create a surreal, abstract overlay in the sky. The overall atmosphere is vibrant and dynamic with a mix of urban and artistic elements.

A city skyline during sunset, featuring tall buildings with illuminated billboards and a crane on the left side. The sky is a blend of warm colors, and there are abstract light streaks and patterns overlaying the image. The city appears lively and bustling.

“Experience a whole new level of visual excitement with our latest film,” the product’s listing reads. “Whether you’re shooting in sunlight or low light, Echo brings a dynamic and unexpected twist to your photography, perfect for those who love to experiment and push creative boundaries.”

Image credits: Revolog