Photographer Captures Meteor Streaking Through the Aurora Borealis


Photographer Shannon Bileski of Signature Exposures captured this beautiful photograph last Friday at Patricia Beach in Canada. It shows a bright meteor streaking through a sky filled with the green glow of the aurora borealis.

Bileski tells us she was out at the beach attempting to witness and photograph the northern lights with others from a photography club and an astronomy club.

The aurora was on and off all night, but at 11:10pm just as everyone else was packing up their camera gear, the green glow in the sky intensified. Bileski began snapping some shots with her Nikon D800 and Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, with settings at f/3.2, 8s, and ISO 800.

Suddenly, during one of the 8-second exposures, there was an intense streak of light in the sky and bright green flashes. It was a meteor that had broken up in the atmosphere, and Bileski captured the whole event as the photo above.

To see such a bright meteor is a rare occurrence already, but to capture one on camera whizzing toward Earth through the northern lights? “Amazing,” Bileski says.

You can enjoy a larger version of the photograph here.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Lindsay!

Image credits: Photographs by Shannon Bileski and used with permission

  • Matt


  • Syuaip

    “Nice camera you are having…”

    “Wow, how lucky you are…”

    “I didn’t you are good with Photoshop”

  • Jonathan Maniago

    This is the kind of scenery that many artists try to (re)create using Photoshop and CGI. I’m quite envious of the people who have the privilege of witnessing this in real life.

  • Shannon Bileski

    This was my photo and I can assure you no photoshop tricks! I have 2 witnesses! :)
    Only slight processing including a very small crop to straighten the horizon! It was a fluke shot that still amazes me today!

  • Vlad Dusil

    Uhm hello? That’s no meteor, that’s Ironman.