Fujifilm Velvia 50 Sheet Film to Live On, Boxes Get Makeover, Prices to Rise 25%


The hearts of many a film photographer sank last June when it was reported that Fujifilm would soon be killing off most of its Velvia film lines, including all off the sheet film lines, leaving only 35mm and 120 format films for Velvia 50. If you’re one of the people who went out and began stockpiling the film for future use, here’s some good (and perhaps bad?) news for you: reports of Velvia’s death were greatly exaggerated.

It turns out the popular film — known for its high color saturation and image quality — will continue to be offered for sheet film photographers.

While it’s true that a number of the Velvia lines will be discontinued, the only Velvia 50 line to be sunsetted is 5×7 format. This means 4×5 and 8×10 format Velvia 50 will continue to be produced and offered.

Fujifilm is, however, announcing that its films will be — drumroll please — getting a branding makeover! You can see the redesigned boxes at the top of this article.

Here’s a chart showing the film lines that will simply be getting a redesign to their packaging:


This chart shows the films that are actually getting the axe. If you’re a diehard user of one of these films, the recommended alternatives are listed on the right:


There is a bit of sad news, though: the company is also saying that prices of its films will be increased by about 25% starting in April 2013 due to the ongoing decline of demand for its films.

You can read Fujifilm’s original press release here or an English translation here.

(via On Landscape)

  • Matthew Wagg

    Better that they are increasing prices and keeping film lines alive than just killing them off wholesale. Cough Cough Kodak…

  • MD

    For some reason, Fuji can kill off entire branches of their film production, slashing multiple lines all at once, and people call them saviors, while Kodak discontinues an obsolete film that nobody buys, and they catch flack for years afterward.

    As far as anyone knows, Kodak is no more interested in film’s demise than Fuji is. Hell, their poor job of diversifying their profits probably makes them even more interested in its survival. Aside from “fixing” Velvia, Fuji hasn’t introduced any new films in over a decade. Kodak has brought three new films to market in the last five years, two of which were strategically designed to allow for continued production.

    Just because they haven’t played their hand particularly well doesn’t mean their actions have malicious or naive intent. They’re doing what they must to stay afloat. Let’s cut them some slack.

  • aim54x

    I’m glad that ACROS and PRESTO have made it through this round of culls but the price hike does make me sad as Neopan has always been pricy in Australia….. They are my favorite films though

  • Chris Brown

    Awesome. Good to know I’ll still be able to buy 4×5 Velvia. It’s one of my favorite films.

  • Jamie

    Note that there are a few other film type (Provia 400X, T64) that they do not call out in either the repackaging or end of sale sections. If you follow the link in their announcement to film that will continue to be sold they are listed there.

    They must be living on with their current packaging.

  • AndyWas

    A heads up for what it’s worth about a third-hand rumor from a reputable source in Japan, Neopan (Presto) 400 days may be numbered. Upon hearing this I ordered a few packs and noticed a range of prices from the typical sellers, Adorama, etc. This rumor is worth what you paid for it…

  • AndyWas

    I would proffer that anything listed without redesigned packaging means it is likely at the end of it’s life and to buy accordingly.