Shield Your Canon L Glass in Style with Vello’s New White Lens Hoods


Sick and tired of your white Canon L lens clashing with your black lens hood? No? Oh well, Vello‘s new line of lens hoods probably isn’t meant for you. The maker of 3rd party Canon lens hoods has launched three new lens hoods that come in white to match the color of Canon’s high-end telephoto lenses.

The three hoods are designed for the entire lineup for Canon 70-200mm glass (e.g. f/4, f/2.8, IS, non-IS), and feature a non-glare matte finish on the inside surfaces that prevent unwanted lens flare (just like Canon’s official hoods).

Aside from aesthetics, there isn’t anything mentioned about potential benefits of having a white hood instead of a black one. For the lenses, on the other hand, the “putty” color is designed to reduce heat absorption and barrel distortion when shooting in sunlight.

The hoods can be found over on B&H for between $16-$28 depending on the model. No word yet on whether these white hoods will be arriving for other telephoto L lenses as well.

(via The Digital Picture)

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  • Derp

    stop calling lenses “glass”

  • Vlad Dusil

    That makes no sense.

  • Vlad Dusil

    They ought to come in vivid fuchsia.

  • pueri

    crap, like canon and nikon

  • Mustafa bin Alemka

    there are already all kind of such white lens hoods… yawn.

  • mastaga

    we called it glass ,,, we call it glass.
    no stroll back to kindergarten….

  • nate parker

    no way some hood is gonna heat up enough to cause barrel distortion! just white because you think it’s pretty-

  • 3ric15


  • Benny

    Don’t have one for a f2.8L non IS. =(

  • Daniel Lin

    2/10. Nice try.

  • Venancio

    Not the hood, dude. The lenses.

    “For the lenses, on the other hand, the “putty” color is designed toreduce heat absorption and barrel distortion when shooting in sunlight.”

  • nate parker

    ya we know- still don’t need a white lens hood.