Kapsones Custom Lens Hoods Can Give Your Gear Some Colorful Flair


Want to give your plain-looking camera a dash of color? Kapsones can help you do that. It’s a new line of custom lens hoods — the company describes them as “jewelry for your camera” — that launched recently over in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

There are four styles to choose from: Baroque (an old fashioned look), Knitted (self explanatory), Stealth (sharp and angled), and Street (looks like a cobblestone road). Each design comes in several colors that you can choose from when ordering.

The company says that the colorful designs don’t affect the resulting colors seen in photos, but prospective customers worried about color shift can choose black for each of the models.


As the company is just starting out, the lineup of compatible lenses isn’t very extensive yet. So far it’s just the Canon 28-80, 28-90, 18-55mm IS, and 18-35mm IS II.

Here’s a product launch trailer introducing the new product:

You can pick one up over in the Kapsones shop for €20, or about $27 (novelty camera accessories often don’t come cheap).