First Photos Captured Of and With HTC’s Upcoming Ultrapixel Smartphone?


Last week we reported that HTC is preparing to launch a new camera sensor technology called Ultrapixels, which aims to improve image quality using a Foveon-style stack of three sensor layers. The smartphone imaging war is heating up, after all, an rivals like Nokia are investing heavily in photography technologies of their own (e.g. PureView).

We’re reportedly just days away from seeing the official launch of the new HTC phone (which may be named the M7 or the HTC One), and leaks are beginning to spring. There’s a good chance we now have the first product shot of the phone and the first published shot captured with the phone.

First off, Twitter user @evleaks published this first press shot of the device:


There’s a prominent camera app that’s easily accessible. Unfortunately, we can’t see the back, so it’s unclear whether it has any PureView 808-style camera bulge to it.

There may also be a new leaked photo shot using the Ultrapixel camera. Flickr user sqa030 has published a photo that was apparently captured on February 8th using the HTC One (that is, if the EXIF data embedded in the image is to be believed).


It’s a rather boring shot of what looks to be some programmer’s printout, but it may be the first published image on the Internet that was captured using HTC’s three stacked sensors (does the photo look like it has better details, dynamic range, and color depth?).

In terms of resolution, the photo seems to match up with the reported specs of the HTC One camera. It’s a 1520×2688 photo that weighs in at about 4.1-megapixels. phoneArena is reporting that the Flickr user appears to be an HTC quality assurance engineer.

HTC will be holding an official event in New York City on February 19, so we’ll likely be learning much more about this phone and camera very shortly.

(via Engadget)

  • Guest


    if you check out that users photo stream, you’ll see a few more pictures which have been taken before this one here which also have noted “HTC One” as camera. and then there are also those pictures with similar EXIF data but “Protected” as camera. so there are already a few more pictures online from that phone ;)

  • Mike

    I really hope these shots are NOT from any upcoming camera.
    I have an “ancient” DiMAGE Z10 that has the same noise in underexposed ISO100.

  • Zos Xavius

    Even iso 100 at 2mp downsampled looks awful. I sure hope it has more to it than that.

  • eraserhead12

    avoid HTC if you want a decent camera with your smartphone. I have their recently released Droid DNA, and the camera is both a headache and a disappointment. don’t even think about using it indoors or in low-light.

  • Igor Ken

    Totally agree with you on this. I have an iPhone 3GS and a HTC Sensation. The 3.2mpx apple camera does a better job than the 8mpx HTC phone. The pictures are really bad unless you take them in the sunlight.

  • Igor Ken

    yeah. and they all SUCK big time. HTC phones have an amazing design, but their cameras are THE WORST!