A Brilliant Series of Advertising Portraits Promoting Dental Floss


The Brazilian advertising agency Y&R recently came up with an extremely clever series of photographs for Colgate to promote the company’s line of Total dental floss. Check out the three couple portraits in the post and see how quickly your eye is drawn to the weirdness.



Did you catch that? No, the “punchline” of the ads actually isn’t the nasty gunk stuck in the teeth of the men. Here are the messages found in the upper right hand corner of each ad (respectively):


Did you catch those things the first time around? If not, go back and take a look at the portraits again! The first guy is missing an ear, the second woman has an extra digit, and the third photo features a phantom limb!

Basically, Colgate wants you to know that having gunk stuck between your teeth is so noticeable and distracting that people who see it might not even notice other things that would otherwise be spotted rather quickly.

Were you fooled?

(via Ads of the World via Fstoppers)

  • skurge2144


  • David

    why do the hot woman, not have bad teeth?

  • Mario Liedtke

    No surprise for me, as I focused to the teeth cause its an advert about tooth..

  • Across100

    And that is the question.

  • matias

    “extremely clever” ??… well…

  • Michelle

    So, the moral is – if you have extra fingers, missing ears, or the like, just stick something in your teeth and no one will notice.

  • ed

    Third ad is a brilliant photoshop disaster. Where did the hand come from when the arms are down.

  • KH

    That’s part of the ad. Look at all three.

  • matias

    it’s a fake campaign… 2nd photo with 6 fingers…

  • Jackson Cheese

    The Point <—-

    You <—–

  • Buckshots

    you did miss the point didn’t you

  • dudung10

    as clearly evidenced by this ad.

  • Kelly

    Nobody reads anymore.

  • Ariel Caudis


  • DS

    You’d think that with three different pictures (6 different people) they’d be able to come up with a selection that better represents the Brazilian population..?

  • henrymaxm

    Great Advertisement Technique

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  • Matt

    And the thrid one has an arm without a body LOL.

  • Charlyr

    Whose hand is the one on the shoulder of the man on picture-3?

  • Reyes

    in the first pic, he has only one ear, in second pic, she has 6 fingers, and in the last pic.. well… the hand.

  • [email protected]

    Wow, reading the comments leads me to believe in purposeful stupidity. Did you READ the article?