The Blazing Fast Autofocus Speed of the New Fujifilm X100s

When Fujifilm announced the X100s last week, it made the bold claim that the camera had the world’s fastest autofocus system among cameras of the same class. Sluggish autofocus was one of the big complaints owners of the X100 had, so for this latest refresh the company focused its attention on making the camera faster.

Want to see how fast the new AF is? We captured the short video above during a brief hands-on time we had with the camera. It doesn’t show an in-depth test or much variety in subject matter, but should offer a taste of what “world’s fastest AF” looks like in the flesh.


Fujifilm claims that the camera can focus in 0.08 seconds thanks to its new EXR Processor II and its new X-Trans II sensor (which is equipped with new phase detection pixels). That figure seems to be accurate.

With faster operation and the introduction of new manual focusing aids (focus peaking and split image focusing), two of the biggest complaints photographers had with the original X100 are no more.

It looks like Fujifilm has a big winner on its hands with this new camera — at least among photographers willing to shell out $1300 on a fixed-lens camera.

  • JH

    Street photographers into using this camera at all?

  • Allen Arrick

    As an x100 user for over a year, this video makes me cry. So freaking fast. This might be the perfect camera.

  • ArnoldVandeWorp

    fuji’s mirrorles system should had needed these autofocus speeds :P

  • Heath Cozens

    Did they come out OK?

  • Michael Zhang

    We weren’t allowed to use our own cards, but it seemed like from reviewing images on the LCD. We’ll hopefully have a more in-depth review in the near future.

  • H2

    The AF looks really good.

  • Ahmad Dinie Farid


  • Opie

    Am I missing something? I haven’t used an X100, so I don’t know what its normal behavior is, but it looks to me like the camera is just reconfirming focus on the same spot over and over. Any camera can do that just about instantaneously.

    Don’t get me wrong, I certainly hope the X100s is as fast as the say, but wouldn’t the real test be to go back and forth between close and far focus?

  • quickpick

    that’s the way to go, fast autofocus is such essential in taking street photos! *drooling after the camera* where have you been all my life (amongst digital photography)?

  • Mike

    Yeah I’d really like to see how it behaves when focusing on different distances.
    No doubt it’s fast, but a video with one constant distance doesn’t tell us anything at all.

  • MildlyReactive

    Finally, it’s as fast as my Konica Hexar from 15 years ago.

  • Ivan

    Did you get a chance to check AF speed on X20? I understand it should be comparable to X100s?

  • TSY87

    for the short time I had my x100, I was VERY happy with the images it could produce. But alas, the quirks made me return the camera. Hopefully this model lives up to everything thats been posted online!

  • Skot Lindstedt

    I had the X100 and sold it because it was painfully slow. This is a HUGE upgrade to this camera. Still won’t be buying it but it is great they fixed this issue!

  • Mansgame

    If only the subject would stay at the same distance, in the middle of the square, this would be a fast focusing machine.

  • PaulJay

    Its ridiculous that the first x100 isnt this fast for that amount of money. Fujifilm should give x100 users an upgrade path because of this terrible x100 property.

  • 写真家

    Quite a few do, and most of them do not use AF.

  • Brian

    Also, maybe it’s just me, but I can’t really tell what it’s focusing on. Neither the guy in the chair nor the arm up close look in focus. My camera can focus on nothing really quickly too…

  • burke

    what is it focusing on? nothing looks to be in focus. maybe my eyes are bad.

  • Alex Menace

    Oh. so glad I recently bought the x100. Humph.

  • Mike

    It’s not just you. I can’t really tell what the camera used to take this video was trying to focus on.

  • sharkfeeder

    Well, the button makes click sounds faster, but does it still hunt in low light and maintain that iffy, unreliable focus when dealing with moving subjects.

  • Opie

    Definitely. When the guy’s arm moves in front of the focus box, the camera seems content to stay focused on the guy in the chair. I think my camera would happily produce this result if I switched my lens to MF.

    P.S. – Michael, if you’re still at CES, try getting another demo! I think it’s safe to say there’s plenty of interest in this camera!

  • sankhadev

    Yes this is a very useful for street photography

  • Bardd

    You must be kidding! You’re not moving the camera to make it refocus, you’re just taking a picture of the same subject over and over again. What a joke!