BTS: Documenting Lions in the African Bush For Over Thirty Years

Dereck and Beverly Joubert have spent the past 30 years living among lions in the African country of Botswana, capturing incredible photographs and footage of the majestic creatures that have garnered widespread praise. They are considered two of the world’s preeminent experts on the big cats, having created tens of films, books, scientific papers, and articles in National Geographic magazine (along with a list of filmmaking awards, including five Emmys).

CBS’ 60 Minutes recently paid a visit to the Joubert’s, creating the fascinating video above that shows how the duo live and work, and how they’ve dedicated their lives to documenting and protecting the cats from human threats.


Through their dedicated work — they often spend years tracking individual animals and documenting their lives — the Jouberts have made numerous discoveries regarding the wildlife in Africa, and have captured some of the rarest footage of the wild animals the world has ever seen.

One example is when they filmed a leopard caring for a baby baboon after killing its mother:

The Jouberts have been very involved in protecting wild lions and their habitat in recent years, having experienced the drastic decline of population numbers in just the past couple of decades.

Here’s a talk the two gave at TED back in December 2010, in which they discuss their work and their mission:

(via CBS News via Fstoppers)

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    It says ‘this video is not available in your country’ (I’m in New Zealand). Sad face!

  • MissD

    Managed to watch the rest of them though – what an amazing story :-)

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    I live in South Africa, but cannot see the video! It was shot in Southern Africa. Ironic and sad.

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    This couple are pretty amazing. Reminds me of the Born Free couple except this couple seem much more modern and more cautious ie. they know their role as humans. The Born Free couple seemed a bit wreckless.

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    Well, CBS paid for it so they get to decide who sees it. You can always just drive to see the lions live! Seriously though, get a proxy server.