Processing a Space Shuttle Endeavour Flyby Photo Using Lightroom

When Space Shuttle Endeavour was making low level flyovers of famous landmarks across the United States a couple of months ago, Adobe Lightroom Quality Engineer Ben Warde was able to photograph it flying by the Golden Gate Bridge. The 10-minute video above shows how Warde post-processed one of his best shots from that day using basic Lightroom adjustments. While the information may be basic for many of you, it should be helpful for people who are just starting out with programs like Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, or Aperture.

Here’s are the before and after photos showing what Warde started with and where he ended up:

You can find a few more shots Warde captured in this Facebook album.

If you found this tutorial helpful, you should check out the official Lightroom account over on YouTube. It’s loaded with a good number of instructional videos that’ll get you on your own in the world of post-processing.

(via John Nack)

Image credits: Photographs by Ben Warde

  • We.Like.Dave

    Very easy to follow.. I use almost the same technique to process my nightlife photos..

  • Mansgame

    I think thousands of people got some version of this pic. Some even in color!

  • 9inchnail

    Nice, now I can work on all those Space Shuttle photos I shot…

  • lidocaineus

    My one main issue is the vignetting. I LOVE vignetting as a tool to draw your eye towards the center or subject and away from the borders, but I think they’re just a tad too much here, in that they’re so dramatically different from the rest of the shot that they pull your eye away from the subject. Good vignetting is usually used with a light touch.

  • shashinka

    The black spot in the top right corner would drive me to drink if I ever released that iamge in to the wold. It screams of poor Photoshopping. Aside from that, nice tutorial and nearly everything a lot of us already do in LR or CS

  • Chris Dube

    I agree. It’s over-instagrammed