Lightroom Coffee Break: Helpful Tips and Tricks in 60 Seconds or Less


Want to strengthen your Lightroom skills? Adobe recently launched “Lightroom Coffee Break,” an ongoing series of videos that each contain a helpful Lightroom tip or trick, presented in 1-minute or less.

2 new videos will be published every month into the playlist on Adobe’s YouTube channel. Each tip is presented by Adobe Lightroom team member Benjamin Warde.

There have been 5 videos so far. There’s a good chance they contain a feature or two that you’ve never learned to use before:

Easily Update Local Adjustments with Multiple Sliders

Sharpening with the View Mask Feature

Rating Photos with Auto Advance

Using the Targeted Adjustment Tool

Adding Keywords with Less Hassle

If you’d like to stay on top of these regularly released bite-sized tutorials, visit the “Lightroom Coffee Break” page on the Adobe’ YouTube channel and save it to your playlists.