Quick Tip: 7 Different Ways to Move the Sliders in Lightroom

Here’s a fun little tip from the folks at Adobe: did you know there are 7 different ways to move/adjust the sliders in Adobe Lightroom? Well there are, and Benjamin Warde shows you all of them in the latest episode of Lightroom Coffee Break.

We’ve listed all 7 ways below for those people who prefer reading to watching (do those people exist anymore?), but check out the helpful 50-second tip up top to see all 7 ways demonstrated.

  1. Click on the slider and drag it around
  2. Click somewhere on the slider ramp, and the slider will jump to that spot
  3. Click in the text entry field, and enter a new value
  4. Click and drag your cursor on the text entry field
  5. Click and drag on the histogram or tone curve
  6. Use the targeted adjustment tool to select and adjust a specific value
  7. Hover your cursor over the slider handle or text entry field, and use the up and down arrow keys