Photographs of a New York City Plunged Into Darkness After the Storm

After Hurricane Sandy devastated New York City earlier this week, photographer Randy Scott Slavin ventured around various areas that had been plunged into darkness due to power outages. He shot eerie long-exposure photographs that make the city look like a ghost town. The series is titled “NYC Unplugged.”

Although the long-exposure times offer us a glimpse into the darkness, Slavin writes that it was pitch black in many places:

New York City is always bright. Street lights, business marquees, light from apartments and car headlights merge to light every corner of the city streets, even on the darkest nights. It is the night after NYC was decimated by Hurricane Sandy, downtown NYC is in the midst of a power outage that has plunged it into complete darkness. I felt the call to hit the eerily dark streets and show New York as it is rarely seen. Trekking around with my tripod I was able to get the long exposures necessary to see in the dark.

You can see more photographs from this series on in this Facebook album.

P.S. Earlier this year we featured some of Slavin’s surreal 360-degree stereographic projections.

Image credits: Photographs by Randy Scott Slavin and used with permission

  • Kirk Jordan

    are you a photographer of any standing? Tastes vary, but this is intriguing well executed work. Truly high caliber stuff. If you want to put your portfolio up… go ahead…

  • Kirk Jordan

    First rate imaging. I am totally baffled by the detractors. I am not sure if Randy is using HDR technique or not, but if he is he is using skillfully and with restraint, and if not, he sure has captured a deep tonal range. But this should not be about his technique, but about the eeriness of the town, sans glitter. Thank you Randy for making this world known to us.

  • Rob

    Please, stop.

  • AshtonNekolah

    outstanding work to bad after the coney island travel all the water killed my lcd where i can to send my camera to VA for repairs. something I missed deeply, great to see these wonderful captures well done, salute.

  • Gaston Roulstone

    They are great images of an Iconic City NY. The long exposure helps to ghost out any people and give it an empty ghost City feel. The light streaks add a contrast of colour to the dull background buildings. Great captures.

  • Cheryl Roussel

    Wow, New York City, even so beautiful in the black.

  • Mark A

    Good thing my photos don’t grab too much attention on the web as clearly I would get smashed to pieces by some people on here. Not sure I understand the attitude, there are many cliché overly processed photos on-line but I don’t bother commenting on them if I dislike them. Move on and look at some thing good. I actually quite like them, not in a wow that’s a piece of art kinda of way, but just because of the context and settings. It seems the internet and anonymity makes people think they can be rude and obnoxious. You can offer positive criticism or provide your opinion without being flippant and offensive.

  • Imagelabz

    These are great and rare images. Dynamic, and slightly surreal.

    Whiners are invited to post their work, see how that holds up under critique.

  • Brad

    You are an idiot

  • Brad

    if you can find someone else who captured then please share. It seems none of the self proclaimed “real “photographers were there taking anything. It is ridiculous that there will always be haters. I love how there are negative people in the world who get jealous so they want to be negative about things. Fact is they wish they could have taken these.

    By the way, Mr Damian, don’t be upset because this photographer graduated from taking weird black and white portraits, and took his camera to the streets instead.