Nikon D4 Used by Usain Bolt at London Olympics Goes Up for Auction

Usain Bolt ran beyond the boundaries of sports and made headlines in the world of photography earlier this year at the London Olympics. After winning yet another gold in his 200m race, he ran over to Scandinavian newspaper photographer Jimmy Wixtröm, grabbed his Nikon D4, and began shooting some awesome photographs of what he was experiencing.

Wixtröm just sent us an email with some neat news: the famous D4 is now being auctioned with the proceeds going to charity.

The auction is being held over on eBay. The starting price was set at only $500, but bids are already starting to pour in. We’re guessing that the camera will be sold for a lot more than the $6000 price tag of a new Nikon D4.

What we didn’t know before is that Bolt actually personalized the camera after the event by carving “BOLT #1″ onto the top using a screwdriver. While the mention of the name doesn’t give the camera a boost in speed, it does make it more easily identifiable and much more collectible.

If you end up winning the auction, you’ll receive a framed 50x70cm photo of Bolt using the camera in addition to the camera itself.

Wixtröm is planning to give most of the money that results to the Swedish Cancer Society in order to fund cancer research. Another portion will be given to Bolt’s foundation in Jamaica that promotes education among young children.

The whole thing is a great story for both sporting and photography enthusiasts, and we love that it’s being done for a good cause. Here’s to hoping that they raise a fat chunk of dough!

Update: It looks like the eBay auction has been taken down for some reason. We’ve sent Wixtröm an email for more info on this.

Update: Wixtrom tells us that the original auction was removed by eBay for violating the company’s charity auction policies. A new auction has been created here.

  • Mark Shannon

    What a great story! Hopefully it does indeed raise a large amount of money, as it’s a great piece of history right there.

  • Yeah, me.

    All sorts of awesome here.

  • Mansgame

    would it be extra to get a D4 that’s not scratched up or has had sweat drippings of a large man on it?

  • Damean Ravichandra <– Youtube link showing Blake doing his thing with the camera! Also, watch his handoff to Wixstrom at 8:48 :)

  • Stephen Lee

    It would be great if he auction off the photos that he took that day too!

  • School Ball Photographer

    No doubt – this camera will be a piece of history!

  • concerned

    Yea, except how do you know its going to charity or not? More
    importantly how do you know this isn’t a scam? The account has
    absolutely no feedback, was created just recently, and has over a months
    time of handling? And there’s no picture provided of the signature either. I’ve never seen a charity auction that has all these
    red flags over it. The one month handling time is particularly alarming because it gives the seller enough time to withdraw the money from paypal, close, the paypal account, close the bank account linked to the paypal, and eventually screw over the buyer. Until they can provide something a bit more
    concrete, I would stay far, far away from this. This should be flagged
    to ebay even.

  • Michael Zhang

    We’re in touch with the photographer himself through his newspaper email address…

  • Alexander Nordström

    Photographer at Aftonbladet (where I work as well), no scam.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    Wixtröm is one of sweden’s most famous newspaper photographers.

  • AGB

    Item 110959436247 is no longer available.

    Why the auction was removed from ebay?

  • Michael Zhang

    We noticed this as well, and have sent an email to Wixtrom for more info