Usain Bolt Nabs Photographer’s DSLR, Snaps Awesome POV Shots

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the world’s fastest man winning a gold medal at the Olympics? Usain Bolt wants you to know.

After sprinting to victory in the 200m race today, Bolt proceeded to run over to the photographers’ pit, commandeer a Nikon DSLR from one of the photographers, and snap super wide angle views of what he was experiencing. The photographer, Jimmy Wixtröm of Aftonbladet (Scandinavia’s largest paper), left the event with memories of a lifetime and a memory card containing epic images that are the envy of many a sports photographer.

Here are a few of the photographs captured by Bolt, showing fellow Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake joking around, a sea of fans cheering him on, and a wall of photographers trying to capture the moment for their organizations:

Wixtröm is even seen in one of the photographs snapped by Bolt:

You can see the entire slideshow of high-res photos of Bolt and by Bolt over at Aftonbladet.

Update: Here’s a short interview with the photographer (thx ISO 1200!):

Here’s a video showing Bolt doing the photography:

Image credits: Photographs by Jimmy Wixtröm and Usain Bolt