Leaked Sample Shots Show the High ISO Performance of the Sony A99

A user over on the Chinese forum Xitek has leaked the first sample photographs captured using the Sony A99, the company’s upcoming flagship SLT (i.e. pellicle mirror) camera. The images are 100% crops of straight-out-of-camera JPEGs, with noise reduction completely turned off.

ISO 400

ISO 1600

ISO 3200

ISO 6400

Just for comparison’s sake, here’s a 100% crop of the same size taken from one of Canon’s ISO 6400 sample shots for the Canon 5D Mark III (not sure what kind of processing, if any, has been done to it):

Unlike other full frame DSLR cameras, which use a standard mirror that flips out of the way when a photo is being exposed, the A99 features a semi-transparent mirror that’s fixed, which causes less light to reach the sensor (some is redirected to the phase-detection autofocus sensor). For existing SLT cameras, about 21% of the light is redirected, resulting in a loss of about 1/3 of a stop.

Sony sensors are very highly regarded — after all, they’re found in many Nikon DSLRs — so it will be interesting to see how much the slight loss of light affects the A99 when it’s tested head to head with rival full frame DSLRs.

(via sonyalpharumors)

  • sierrarobba

    Looks very much noise reduction used!Not big deal.Stay with canon!

  • Chan Gent Ho

    Did you even read the article? Did you? Seriously? Are you retarded?

  • Felipe Yang

    You can’t completely turn off noise reduction for JPEG processing, there’s still some done automatically.

  • Michal Rosa

    “For existing SLT cameras, about 21% of the light is redirected, resulting in a loss of about 1/3 of a stop” – or exactly 21% of a stop, geez, anyone proof reads those things before they get posted?

  • ghene

    what a crap! even a Petnax q or fuji will do better

  • matthew

    I would love to believe this is true! If sony can deliver a full frame pro model that is comparable in high ISO to the big boys, they will have a winner. SLT has some interesting points. add in decent high ISO and zeiss lenses and I will jump on that in a heartbeat. This camera looks to be 1000 years beyond the terrible ISO on the a900

  • Vladimir Byazrov

    that object itself looks like iso 12800. so you really cant tell much of how iso performs anyway, I am skeptical now as for me those photos look a bit disappointing.

  • Ricardo Marquez

    So, what you’re saying is, if 100% of the light is directed, the loss is 1 stop of light?

  • Chris

    no mirror – no optical viewfinder?! with an electrical viewfinder you sometimes just see black, impossible to shoot. if you work with flashes for example. or has this changed?

  • Max

    It changed in a77, you may switch to the view when in dim light all is black as if you shoot with ordinary dslr or you may switch to the view when evf will lighten the scene you shoot and in this case you’ll see rather more than you see in optical viewfinder

  • Guest

    1 stop = half the light (50%)
    so 20% = 1/3 stop -> 21% is approx. 1/3