Instagram Socialmatic Camera to Go from Concept to Physical Product

Do you remember the Instagram Socialmatic? It’s a concept camera that made the rounds on the Internet back in May — a camera that lets people snap photos, share them online, and print them out as squared-shared sticky-note-style instant photos. The camera will soon go from digital concept to physical reality: it’s being turned into an actual camera, which is a proposed release date of mid-2013.

Trademark infringement issues aside (Instagram is pretty vigilant about defending its trademarked name), the camera has pretty neat specs: 16GB of storage space, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a 4:3 touchscreen, 2 lenses, optical zoom, LED flash, and an internal printer that takes in special paper cartridges.

It’s interesting to see a potential camera that’s geared towards both online and physical sharing. While there are cameras out there that do these things, usually they’re either geared towards online connectivity (e.g. Nikon with its new S800c) or making physical prints (e.g. Polaroid’s Z340), but not both.

That’s what will make the Instagram Socialmatic stand out if it actually becomes a reality come next year.

(via ADR Studio via Highsnobiety)

  • MikeAlgar42

    Remove any reference to ‘Insta’ anything, as everything seems to be ‘Insta this’. Make it 16:9 and remove any look it has to the Instagram brand, create own brand and purpose and make it able to upload TO Instagram.

  • John Stock

    Instagram has no place on any serious photography website.

  • Sure Fail

    So it’s an awkward-shaped smartphone that’s had all functions but one app and the camera removed. As a bonus it has printer cartridges that you won’t replace because they are 34 bucks a pop?

  • jdm8

    So why do so many concept products base themselves on someone else’s trademark? I realize it takes a bit of imagination, but at least it doesn’t look lazy. The same thing goes for that lame “Instacube” you posted several days ago.

  • countersandvag

    Didn’t realize this site was serious… My bad…

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    too much “serious” makes for deathly boring viewing/reading. If you want serious go join a Leica forum

  • Kathleen Grace

    Oh, don’t be so critical, any tool that creates photos should be taken seriously. Ever use a pinhole camera? It’s about the craft.

  • FlamsLV

    Anyway, I think this will be successful product for regular peoples, not photographers.
    Of course it would be nice if you can make call with it or even better, they could put calling option in pro DSLRs :)

  • John Nathaniel Calvara

    By next year, I WILL see all my friends carrying their Instagrams instead of their smartphones. Another acopalypse.

  • Jimmy Cartdridge

    You mean CARTDRIDGE (see above)

  • hombre

    Instagram is to photography as over the counter drugs are to a medical license.

  • crees84

    How about some cheese with your whine, kind sir?

  • Osvin F. Suazo

    I’d be all over this. It really is all about the craft. Anyone putting instagram down is threatened by how easy it is to use. If polaroid was running this project I doubt we would see so many negative opinions. It can never replace the control of a D/SLR, if you practice and really work at photography this kind of a product is a toy to get tons of photos up on FB/TBLR/TWTR for the fun of it. The cartridges would be sick! travel and give your subject a snapshot, who wouldn’t want that?

  • Jowee Thompson

    Z340? That’s the Polaroid that came out last year. The new model (the Z3200) beats it in every way, and costs a little more than half.

  • Soda Zpop

    I’m more threatened by how everything looks the same with instagram.

  • James Herbert Forbes

    not in pro DSLR’s imagine having just set up the perfect shot and the phone goes causing the camera to vibrate leaving blur alternatively in the middle of a shoot and the camera starts ringing not very professional …?

  • James Herbert Forbes

    i must disagree there i have seen some truly brilliant photos with instagram, yes the quality of the image wont be as good so if your a purist wanting no noise fine but the creativity it gives you is nice

  • rpm07

    Someone has to explain me what is so cool about all these instashits…

  • jdm8

    Because the software can’t be altered to not vibrate when taking an exposure, or in camera mode?

  • Jason

    Why would anyone ever buy this when pretty much every smartphone anyone owns already has the app?

  • Black Justin Beiber

    Bitter much?

  • Frank Martinez

    recently got back into photography, man some of you guys are some snobs. Instagram is actually what brought me back to the hobby. it’s fun, simple, and I always had a camera with me. If this camera, and Instagram bring people to the hobby to grow beyond point and shoot then I think it’s a win. Not everyone want’s to be in a gallery, some of us just want to have fun and put something on our wall that we made.

  • Marcy @ Ben and Me

    not everyone has a smart phone. I don’t.

  • Sasha

    Imagine that camera aside, this can also be used as a mini tablet, no? Wouldn’t the awesomeness of all these put together waiver your heart, at least by a little? :)