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Polaroid’s Socialmatic Camera that Looks Like an Instagram Logo Will Arrive this Fall



We’ve known since late 2012 that the Instagram logo lookalike Socialmatic camera would go from concept to reality, and since early 2013 that it would arrive with Polaroid branding, but now Polaroid is giving us specs and announcing that the Socialmatic will arrive in stores this Fall.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Socialmatic, it’s an instant camera that is built around social sharing — it kind of has to be given it’s shaped and colored a whole lot like the Instagram app logo. The concept camera would allow you to share the photos you take on social networks, while also printing out physical versions like your standard instant camera.

At some point, the concept got so much attention that Polaroid decided to actually make it, and now for CES 2014, they’ve revealed a bit about the camera itself.

According to the new Socialmatic webpage, the Polaroid shooter — which was initially supposed to arrive in Q1 of 2014 — will actually make its debut in the Fall. All of the necessary legal agreements have apparently been struck, paving the way for a new kind of social network-centric camera.

When it does arrive, the camera will sport a 14-megapixel sensor in the front, 2-megapixel on the back (for selfies, of course), 4.5-inch touchscreen LCD, built-in WiFi, 4GB built-in storage with microSD expandability, the ability to print on Polaroid’s ZINK (zero ink) paper, and Android running the whole thing.

To find out more about the camera or sign up for Polaroid’s newsletter so they can keep you up to date, head over to the Socialmatic webpage by clicking here.