Canon 7D Firmware Update Rolls Out, Beefs Up Camera’s Features

Nikon might be releasing an entirely new camera to upgrade its Nikon 1 lineup in small ways, but Canon is going a different route with its 7D DSLR. The company has rolled out a major firmware upgrade that makes major improvements to the features of existing cameras.

The version 2 update, which we first reported on back in June, makes sweet improvements to key specs, including upping the RAW buffer from 15 to 25, adding in-camera RAW editing/JPEG resizing, introducing an in-camera photo rating feature, including the ability to limit maximum Auto ISO between 400-6400, and adding the ability to make manual audio level adjustments during video recording.

Want to geotag your photos? The update also allows you to use Canon’s GP-E2 GPS receiver with the camera.

You can find an entire list of features on this website promoting the update.

To get started with the update, head on over to the Canon USA website’s 7D page, and select your operating system under “Drivers & Software”:

At the time of this post, the update isn’t available yet for Mac OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion. Mountain Lion users should be able to use the Lion download just fine, though.

Canon 7D Drivers & Software [Canon USA]

Image credit: Canon 7d by imayellowfellow

  • cyberstream_us

    This is very interesting. As far as I can remember, this is the first time a firmware upgrade has actually added features. Usually they just improve the device’s system stability.

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    upgraded mine – just in time to sell it ^_^

  • Gary Sutherland

    Call me picky, but RAW burst is up to 23 not 25 ;-)

  • Chris

    Use a UDMA7 card and you will get 25, works fine on mine.

  • John Kantor

    If you can’t make a better camera, fake it.

  • Ryne Bogart

    For you fellow mac users, The Lion download link works just fine will running Mountain Lion.

  • Oskar

    upping the RAW buffer from 15 to 25 – that is, not surprisingly, camera manufacturers take large hardware margins. Why didn’t they let the buffer be 25 since the beginning? I wonder what other hidden hardware Canon cameras have?

  • Jimmy

    Come on … Canon has released a unique firmware. You are complaining. Do you really believe that Canon made the 7D “bad” from the start? Of course they know have a solution to make it better. Shouldn’t they?!