A Peek Inside the Camera Bag of a Getty Photographer at the Olympics

What would you pack in your camera bag to shoot the biggest sporting event in the world? PopPhoto has a great interview with Getty photographer Streeter Lecka in which he talks about preparing for (and shooting) the Olympics in London. His daily-basis kit includes two Canon 1D Xs, a 400mm f/2.8, two 70-200mm (f/2.8 and f/4), a 16-35mm f/2.8, and a 15mm fisheye. Here’s how his images are beamed to headquarters:

Getty has our own lines that are hardwired into every single event. Our tech crew came over months before to get an idea of where we’d be shooting. We can just plug in and send from there. The editors are in the media center where they can send it out immediately.

I have a backpack everyday with a computer and a card reader. When I plug it into the wire, push in the card, and press start, it automatically sends everything to the editors. Everything transfers to my computer as well. I also bring a separate little hard drive so I can back up everything I shoot for myself. If I want an original RAW file, I can get it if I want to.

Lecka says he expects to snap 2,000-4,000 photos a day on average.

Shooting The Olympics: Inside The Camera Bag Of Getty Photographer Streeter Lecka [PopPhoto]

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    I feel like, after all these years on the Internet browsing photography blogs and whatnot, I’m getting so tired of the constant gear hysteria. This one was not so bad though, most of the times when someone shows the inside of their camera bags it’s usually overpacked.

  • John Mason

    That Manfrotto variable friction arm on the top right is so cool to have at times.

  • Matt

    He can fit all that gear in that bag!?

  • Nobody

    I think that bag is a lot larger then it appears at first glance. If you take into consideration the size of the 70-200 and put it into perspective with the bag next to it, it appears rather small when obviously that is not the case. I just did a visual packing and I could see how it all fits in there, I think that bag is very deep as well.

  • yes.

    ultimate proof that gear masturbators and working press have very different ideas of “necessity.” many shooters in the former category could learn a thing or two from this!

  • Munledave

    As a newbee to all of this, I appreciate your comment, in that, I did not even know what I was seeing…the “friction” arm. /Signed, “Just Learning”.

  • NDT

    Oh yeah those Manfrotto magic arms are amazing, you should have a play with one. That knob bottom right locks three points on the device rock solid.

  • Norm Cooper

    2k-4k per day – just like weddings!

  • Chris Hillock

    “snap” 3000 to 4000 pics a day – has to be written by a jurno who scribbles

  • Steve Solis

    Wow… this is a photojournalist’s dream! Well, at least mine. :) Thanks photoInk! And thank you
    Streeter Lecka

  • Steve Solis

    WOW! 2-4K for weddings? That post-production must be painstaking to go through that many! I avg around 100 per hour… so say roughly 800-1000 or so per wedding.