Twitter Account Retweets Publicly Shared Photos of Credit/Debit Cards

@NeedADebitCard is a new Twitter account that finds and retweets photographs of credit/debit cards that are publicly shared through the service. Apparently many people don’t know that it’s not a good idea to publish photos that allow anyone to see your credit card information. The account’s byline is: “Please quit posting pictures of your debit cards, people.”

This shaming technique of teaching a lesson appears to be working: most of the photographs have been taken offline by the uploaders.

@NeedADebitCard (via Doobybrain)

Image credits: Photographs by @cassybby18, @LianAhmd, @McfcOmar, and @ny_ohmytulisa

  • mat

    An n-dubz card where do I get one :D


  • TrollDaddy

    Whats next? Social Security Numbers?

  • TrollDaddy

    Whats next? Social Security Numbers?

  • Marja

    A guy I worked with did this one time. He was photographing folks in a bar, and uploaded a photo where a guy’s bank card was clearly visible. You could read it perfectly. I went in and edited it before it went on the site… the card owner was lucky I went looking in the photos that day!

  • Guest

    This is why you need the security code on the back of the card as well. Aren’t these photos pretty much useless without that?