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Dutch Police Helicopter Snaps Aerial Wedding Photos for Couple While Flying By



One couple in The Netherlands received some unexpected wedding photos from an unofficial photographer this past weekend. A helicopter of the country’s National Police Corps was flying by a field of flowers when it spotted the couple in the midst of a wedding photo shoot. The crew managed to snap some beautiful aerial shots of the couple.

Problem was, they had no idea who the people below were. After returning to headquarters, they took to social media to hunt for their mystery subjects:

The message posted to the departments official Twitter account reads: “Which couple is accidentally in this Policeheli photo? Saturday 02/05, 15:40 hours, Voorhout. Photos for you!” As you can see from the embed above, the tweet was widely shared, racking up thousands of retweets and hundreds of favs.

One day later, the department posted an update saying that they had managed to track down the couple:

“The bride and groom in the photo is now known and they’ve been informed,” it says. “Thank you all for retweeting and thinking.” RTL Nieuws reports that the couple was found to be a German man and Chinese woman who live in Amsterdam.

(via @DePolitieheli via RTL Nieuws)