Portraits with Witty Hand-Painted Signs

Artists Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen have a two-year-long project titled 100 Posterworks that features B&W portraits in various locations, with standard compositions, featuring witty messages on hand-painted signs.

Through the posters we address philosophical questions, comment on political or artistic issues, quote, complain, poke fun and indirectly document our lives. They can be read as a kind of cumulative (and often contradictory) artist statement.

100 Posterworks (via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Anna Gray and Ryan Wilson Paulsen and used with permission

  • Knur

    Funny but meh

  • Knur

    Funny but meh

  • OPH

    dull as the models’ faces.

  • Wallerus

    Hard to see humor when they look pissed in each one.

  • a

    there is humor in this?

  • rtfe

    Barbara Kruger just barfed a little

  • Slash_Cynic

    Hipsters yeah..

  • harumph

    This looks like a rejected sketch from Portlandia.

  • crakow

    so lame. zzzzzz hipster trash.

  • bri

    they need one that says “these photos are boring, we apologize”

  • Val E1005

    While I would agree on the lack of joyous facial expressions, I believe that is their intent. I assume this is the effect they wanted. They had an idea, created a project to implement it. Brought their vision to fruition, AND made Peta Pixel’s “front page”.
    Photograph has many facets. This is theirs. Bravo.
    Though I do think they should of Photo Shoped in, say, Telly Tubbies to balance the seriousness. (satire)

  • Check Mate

    Good lord, they made a HUNDRED of these?

  • stanimir stoyanov

    Hipsters + unemployment = this

  • stanimir stoyanov

    Hipsters + unemployment = this

  • stanimir stoyanov

    Hipsters + unemployment = this

  • Mark

    I didn’t think hipsters had time to create offspring. Must have happened during a freak Instagram accident. The poor child was probably born with that disease where you see the world through a tilt shift lens with yellowed highlights and cool shadows.