Shooting Stunning Hawaiian Landscapes with Aaron Feinberg

Some might think that taking photos in exotic locations like Hawaii is “too easy.” But anybody who has tried and failed to capture that perfect sunset or gorgeous beach photo knows that seeing beauty, or even being surrounded by it, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to snap great pictures of it. In this video we follow award-winning photographer Aaron Feinberg as he hikes to several of his favorite locations and composes some beautiful shots.

It’s great because you get to see not only how meticulous he is about getting the perfect shot — running to one side of the beach or the other with tripod in hand, or getting slamed into by the surf while holding his camera up and out of danger — but you also get a sense of how much he enjoys his work, and how grateful he is that he gets to do this. To see more of his portfolio head over to his website or, if you happen to be in Hawaii, be sure to drop by one of his three galleries.

aFeinberg – The Documentary (via Fstoppers)

  • John

    Amazing work!  Would love to go see his galleries in Hawaii.

  • The Judge

    Duck Commander commanding ducks. 8/10

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  • Guest

    leaving for hawaii in less than 24 hours, thanks for this :).