Shoot Rainbow Smoke Using Color Gels

Want to shoot photographs of rainbow-colored smoke? Just strap some color gels to your flash(es). Photographer Sean Wyatt used three snooted flashes with two colored gels on each flash to create a rainbow blend of color. He then used the setup to photograph smoke from burning incense sticks.

Here are some of the resulting photographs:

If you don’t have any color gels handy, you can create them yourself using an inkjet printer and a transparency. You can find more of them in this Flickr set.

Rainbow Smoke (via Aputure)

Image credits: Photographs by Sean Wyatt and used with permission

  • Thedarkhalf

    This is really great.. but I have to think this would be so much easier to do in Photoshop.

  • Nienke Nijenhuis

    You can also get (free!) filter samples from Lee Filters, they’re approximately the size of a flash :) And the samples come in ALL possible colours!

    Now I just need a working flash….

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  • Emma Brabrook

    That’s great, I never would have thought it could work so well with so many coloured gels.

  • David

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  • Mary Smith

    I couldnt find any (free!) filter samples………

  • photoguy

    I hardly think these are “amazing”

  • photoguy

    Then go to theater lighting store or b&h and buy them!!

  • Rachel

    how do you get the free samples? store or online?

  • Nienke Nijenhuis

    Online. I think I emailed the company to ask for free samples; they came in the mail a few days later!

    A quick google on ‘lee filters free samples’ gives lots of results on how to do that ;)

  • Nienke Nijenhuis

    Just google ‘Lee filter free samples’, that’s how I’ve gotten mine!