PSA: Beware Vertical Video Syndrome

This video points to a pretty horrific, disturbing future if the scourge known as Vertical Video Syndrome — VVS for short — isn’t tackled head on. So we thought we’d do our part by sharing this PSA. And remember, if you see someone who suffers from VVS, just say: “You’re not shooting that right dummy!”

(via TogTech)

  • BeJay

    Too Funny!

  • Joey Duncan

    HAHHAHAHA Awesome!

  • Maye Marley

    Got to love horizontal videos, very funny

  • muitosabao

    Extremely funny!

  • The Judge

    I will ALWAYS say yes to Mila Kunis…old or otherwise.  7/10

  • Ndt

    The only thing i love more than Mila Kunis, is Mila’s Kunis

  • Emcgruff

    HAHAAHA Hilarious!   

  • hirnverbrandt

    I just laughed my ass off …
    Do you know this one …

  • kendon

     aside from you shamelessly promoting your blog, what relation is there to VVS?

  • Tom

    For some reason, this has to be one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time!  And all so true as I was just watching a video a few days ago that my wife had shot on her IPhone.  The first thing I thought was WTF?  It’s tall and skinny.

  • VincentFrank67

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  • Renato Murakami

    Oh man, laughed so hard…

    Anywhoo, fun fact: Don’t have the source of that or know if it’s actually a fact, but I heard in a movie discussion thing that Fritz Lang planned for Metropolis to be shown in theaters in a vertical format that would spread through the ceilings, because he wanted the city shots to have a overwhelming effect on the crowd.

  • Fiona

     Watching too much Joan Rivers Ndt??? that was her line and I doubt that she got it from you:-))