A Beautiful 1 Minute Story Told Through 873 Stock Photographs

From Love to Bingo in 873 Images is an amazing short film created by AlmapBBDO to advertise Getty Images. The team spent 6 months sifting through 5,000 Getty stock photographs to create this beautiful 1-minute story that shows 873 images at 15 images per second. And you thought flipping through your own personal photo archives was difficult…

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  • 9inchnail

    Great stuff. If this hadn’t been done as a promotional video for Getty, this would have been a ridiculously expensive slide show video.

  • Arpan Jolly


  • will hall

     Presumably the photographers still got their pay. Looking on the site at a couple of images used in this, the going rate seems to be in the region of £200 per for resolution suitable for full HD so probably looking at around £150k retail price. Google suggests going rate is around 20-30% of price paid to the photographer, so still lookin in the region of 30-50k paid to the photographers

  • Dave J

    This is depressing

  • B0BAL00

    What kind of team
     spends 6 months sifting through old photos? Get a real job

  • Aaro Keipi

     Probably an advertising agency who are getting paid for it. That is a real job–and not a bad one at all.

  • 9inchnail

     I’d trade my job for theirs any time.

  • Elgringo

    the real video this creativity is just to copy and paste