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Creative Ad Tells a Beautiful Love Story Using 85 Seconds from 105 Stock Videos


AlmapBBDO, the ad agency behind the touching Getty ad “From Love to Bingo,” are at it again. Last time they spent six months picking 873 stock photos out of 5,000+ options to create an award-winning one minute video.

This time Getty asked them to do the same thing, only using the agency’s massive video archive instead. The resulting video is, dare we say, even better than the “Love to Bingo” ad.


This video is titled simply “85 Seconds,” and it tells a love story between a young boy and girl who meet at a very young age. After four months spent reviewing more than 4,000 video clips and selecting 105 of the most suitable, the agency set to work putting this “boy meets girl,” “boy loses girl,” “boy and girl are reunited” love story together.


In the story, the couple loses one another after high-school graduation. The video all of a sudden becomes horizontally split screen as their paths diverge. She goes to Paris. He get depressed. After a while we somehow fast-forward and rewind all at the same time into the 60’s, where he’s out fighting in a war as she preaches the benefits of flower power.

Finally, after a car accident on her end and a move into the business world on his, they quite literally spend the final 20 seconds running back into each other’s arms.


It’s worth keeping in mind that Getty has some 63,103,983 seconds of video hidden in its servers; that’s 730 continuous days of video! The fact that the folks at AlmapBBDO were able to dig through all that stock footage and create something that feels so personal is a testament to their amazing creative prowess.