Instagram Socialmatic: A Concept Design for a Physical Instagram Camera

A week ago we shared a funny “leaked advertisement” for a fictional camera called the Instagram Snap. The video poked fun at the possibility that Instagram would use their $1 billion buyout from Facebook to build a ridiculous “real-world” camera — basically a Polaroid camera with “sharing” features (passing a photo to another person by hand) and “filters” (coffee filter = spill coffee on your picture). Ironically enough though, a concept of just such a camera has recently come out, and it actually seems somewhat appealing.

The Instagram Socialmatic is a concept design we found over on ADR Studio of what a realistic real-world version of Instagram would look like. What they’ve come up with is a flat, touch screen camera with a built in printer, social networking capabilities and 16GB of internal storage. The idea is that you could take your photos, alter/share them digitally, and then print out physical sticky-notes style versions complete with QR codes.

The future of Instagram, if this sort of thing was to catch on, would produce photos like the ones you see here. Stick them on walls or in elevators or on the subway and hope that other people with the camera like your picture enough to scan your QR code and follow your future work. Something tells us we won’t be seeing people carrying around a life size version of the Instagram logo in their pockets anytime soon, but if they did, it would probably look like this.

(via ADR Studio)

  • Alfred Moya

    i’d buy one!

  • Steve-o

    its just a square iphone taking some CF cards.

  • Simon Brown

     Me too. That looks brilliant.

  • Justin Aguirre

    It’s called a Polaroid.

  • Paul Hogan

    I like this idea. maybe if it was a portable Polaroid style printer that worked with an iPhone, it’d instantly catch on?

  • Simon Brown

     With a printer, that’s the clincher for me. As I said, I miss my Polaroid. Fuji’s Instax somehow doesn’t feel the same. Too much camera around the film. I might try a Lomo back soon.

  • HoltJerome77

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  • ennuipoet

    Somewhere, a retired Polaroid engineer is slapping his head and screaming “WTF is wrong with you people!?”

  • Dejan Danailov

    This is so close to some perfect evolution of Polaroid. A hipsters wet dream :)

  • Knur

    Omg they killed photography !. You bastards ! 

  • David Lange


  • 9inchnail

    Wait a minute, there already are point and shoot cameras which can print your photo right away. They just aren’t very sucessful. Now this piece of crap comes along and people start creaming their pants. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  • Guest

    then go kill yourself

  • Chaz Smith

    please no, just no.

  • Lisette Rozenberg

    Please yes, yes and yes!! I want this! 

  • Wolfie Rankin

    If I could buy a camera, a serious pocket camera, which allowed me to download apps from an app shop, which were created by the cameras users… to digitally alter my photos… and then e-mail/tweet/instagram them off to others. Yes… That would appeal to me very very much.

  • Lee Harris

    I feel your pain, people are such mugs; reinvent the wheel, make it square and enough ‘fools’ will buy it, if you convince them it’s cool.

  • OSAM

    What if that camera also had the capability to make phone calls, send text messages and e-mails, and surf the web?


  • Osmosisstudios

    “…it actually seems somewhat appealing.”

    Yes, to 14 year old girls in the suburbs.

    Which unfortunately means it’ll sell like justin bieber shaped hotcakes.

  • kdot

    i love it:)) id buy one.

  • Wallerus

    It belongs on Photojojo, those guys would sell the crap out of it

  • ReyesRamon89

    like Adam said I’m in shock that a single mom can get paid $4117 in 1 month on the computer. have you seen this link ===>>⇛►

  • Vinny

    The QR code is the thing that I find pretty appealing and cool.

  • Danny Casler

    i want this! i need this!

  • Jonta2010

    i want it

  • PaulJay

    So funny photography today suffers from the same as the music industry does for the last 20 years. 

  • 1314 STUDIO

    this is so awesome

  • Laureenpent

    I’d by one in a second!

  • Blanca

     Where? When? How much?…

  • Info

    I would buy it instagramly ;-)

  • DennisonBertram

    as a photographer I rest peacefully knowing the engineering (and $$) required to make something like this work (and work well) is so incredible that it will never happen. Especially since Instagram is Facebook. It’s not so hard to just as filters to regular digital cameras- some already have it. 

  • Facebook Development

    I rest peacefully knowing the engineering (and $$) required to make something like this work (and work well) is so incredible that it will never happen.

  • Delacorte Scott

    Interesting! I would buy it if it will be released.

  • SwagKidrauhl

    When will it be out? And where can we get it?

  • Sharee


  • Shantimora

    Great idea! I want it!

  • evelynlazar

    I WANT THIS. they should really make it

  • cheese

    OMG!!!! i would buy this and be we would be bitches on instagram!! instagram is my life and it is just so awesome!!

  • Laurencia Novita

    How much that? :( I want it

  • taz

    i love old photography alot…plus everything thats vintage :) i do like how you have made something soo old modern…

  • Lanena

    Where i can buy one of this ?