Virtual Lighting Studio: An Online Studio Lighting Simulator

Virtual Lighting Studio is an awesome new free studio lighting simulator that doesn’t require any installation — you use it directly in your browser. It offers a large number of options for customizing your setup (e.g. number of lights, light type, gel, positioning) and the result is updated in real-time on the virtual model’s head.

Virtual Lighting Studio (via Strobist)

  • Charles Stafford

    Not bad. Wish i could move the lights with the mouse, but fun to mess around with

  • Ally Merchant

    its great … would love to see what the addition of reflectors can do 

  • russianbox

    looks like THIS will be the post on petapixel for Saturday and all of SUNDAY!

    I can’t wait to come here and see it over and over

  • X-tra

    PPl are allowed weekends, switch off and go out

  • russianbox

    A weekend is time off work, time to go on a computer, check the internet. so what’s you’re excuse now? religion?

  • Red

    Yeah thanks for confirming it’s a time off for the people working on this blog.


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  • UserSix

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  • Casey

    you’re an idiot, look at the internet while you’re at work like everyone else in the world

  • fluorescent light ideas

    So cool. I  just love how much our technology has improved these days, especially in 20th century. Things really shot through the roof. 

  • therecombinant

    is this only available for the web? isn’t there a software version for it?