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Simulate Virtual Lighting Setups for Less with the New set.a.light 3D BASIC



Back in May, we shared a useful and interesting program called set.a.light 3D STUDIO. The software allowed users to test out lighting setups digitally in a virtual studio, saving them the time and effort of testing them out in real life.

If you liked the idea behind set.a.light STUDIO but not the price tag — and you don’t mind a few restrictions — elixxier’s new set.a.light 3D BASIC might be right up your alley.

The software itself performs the same basic function: you can set up and test studio lighting setups in a digital environment with mannequins, and the results should be very similar to what you’ll get when you actually do the shoot. The differences between the two amount to a few fewer features and a price drop:


Unlike STUDIO, BASIC will only allow you to use up to five lights at a time, you’re limited to three pre-selected room sizes, and the final test shots will all be watermarked. It might seem like a lot to give up, but you haven’t heard the good news: Whereas STUDIO will cost you 140 Euro (~$185), BASIC will only run you 40 Euro (or about $53).

As with its more expensive big brother, you can try BASIC for free for 15-days, assuming you’re okay with giving elixxier your name and e-mail.

For more info on the product, the differences, or to try/buy it for yourself, head over to elixxier’s website by clicking here.

(via Lighting Rumours)