Skydiving Fashion Shoot at 126MPH

To promote its new One X phone (and the camera on it), HTC came up with the bizarre idea of doing a skydiving fashion shoot with photography student Nick Jojola and model (and professional skydiver) Roberta Mancino. During the photoshoot above the Arizona desert, Jojola plummeted to Earth at 126MPH while Mancino whizzed by at 181MPH, giving the photographer a tiny window of 0.8 seconds to squeeze off the shot.

On either side of Mancino was a skydiver with a huge light attached to his head, beneath them were two skydivers contributing smoke plumes, and attending the model was an in-air makeup artist:

Here’s the photograph that resulted:

This behind-the-scenes video shows how they went about planning and executing the stunt:

(via Engadget)

  • tango999

    All that and they framed it like crap. 

  • Dan Davies

    Shame the picture looks like shit :)

  • Jeremy Keas


  • JoeGjura

    Ah, the good ol’ Drive soundtrack again.

  • 87tiffany78

    Funny! lol

  • mrbeard

    i prefer the photo of the guy with the light on his head and the plane in the background


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  • Brob

    good thing they got video, cause it’s more interesting then the actual photo

    I think Nick should stay in school

  • Suplex

    What kind of photography student takes a phone on a shoot?  F-

  • Zonkerharris7

    They’re also running the same ad with a different “student” by the name of Tony Mac. Really? How oblivious do they think people are?

  • jphotonica

    Yeah, he was obviously more interested about generating tuition money from this commercial (I’m sure no client paid for this crap) than creating photographic quality. Sure, I produced numerous numerous front page newspaper shot with a point and shoot before earning the bucks for the big toys, but, using a phone for a pro shoot, WTF.

  • Zentai Suits

    That’s just awesome. I can’t imagine myself in the same situation, I just can’t. It’s too hard to focus with everything else going on around you.