Photos of Famous People With Cameras

Celebrity Camera Club is a collection of photos taken of famous people taking photos.

(via tokyo camera style)

  • Zta

    Kate Moss with Holga <3

  • alan

    They are good photographs, but they mostly look like famous people posing with cameras.

    Not taking pictures.


  • Rohit kothari

    by taking camera in hand no one become photographer you have to be creative and able to understand lighting thing

  • None

    yes .. lighting thing

  • Zhemin

    By taking a Camera in hand anyone can become a photographer.

  • Rivetdesign

    One of my fav shots was taken by a five year old. Right moment, right light, amazing shot. She didn’t pursue it as a career, too busy being a kid, and title free.

  • Spider- Man

    No where does it say celeb photographers. It says celebs with cameras. Even on the site. Are you that insecure in your own work you have to assume the celebs think they are photogs? Hell 75% of the pics seem posed with the cam, others seem like them taking photos like any normal person would just to have pics…

  • Sebastian Soiden

     Not sure if trolling.