Trigger Happy Turns Your Smartphone Into a Fancy Camera Remote

Trigger Happy is a new product that lets you use your iOS or Android smartphone as a fancy camera remote. It consists of an app and a one-meter-long cable that goes from your phone’s audio jack to your camera. Besides acting as a simple remote shutter release for shake-free shots, the app offers bulb functionality for timing long exposures, an intervalometer for timelapse photography, HDR mode, and bramping. They’re also working on lightning detection, audio waveform detection, face detection, and accelerometer-based triggering.

Here’s a short video introducing Trigger Happy:

It’ll be retailing at $70 when it hits store shelves, but the project is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, where a $50 contribution will pre-order a unit for you.

  • Kkevster

    “A fool and his money are soon parted”

  • Darren Ward79

    just get a dslr, dude!!

  • Learn 2 Light

    It’s to control a dslr………Dude!!!!

  • Ed Overstreet

    As a nikon shooter……I would be concerned about hooking anything electrical (that is not Nikon) to our cameras.   We do a lot of time lapse….and the bramping is done manual, be nice to have it automated but not worth replacing or repairing a D4

  • Kyoshinikon

    On one makes a robust wireless app that works with nikons…  In addition the D4 is built to fully control by a phone or tablet…

  • Andrew Ferguson

    $50/70 for an iPhone app and a cable? Seriously? Fuck that.

  • Ralphcameronesq

    A fool speaks before thinking

  • Hearveygriswaldthe4th

    Oh for gods sake you people are a paranoid bunch…honestly just use it, your precious nikon will survive. Oi Vey !

  • Sharmel

    Yeah when a line of sight remote is on ebay for $2…good luck with that.

  • Asdldson

    Was just about to waste 70 bucks on this, but not anymore now that I know that the D4 can do this on it’s own. Now I just need 5930 dollars to get the D4! Thanks..

  • Rul Landish

    Better than a $150 intervalometer that does half of what Trigger Happy does, right? I think it’s a killer deal, just bought mine :)

  • Jackson Cheese

    What are you talking about?  I think this is kind of awesome.  And it seems to do a lot for $70 bucks.

  • Anna Seed

    Just so long as you have wi-fi wherever you are

  • lennartbnl

    There’s a free app like this made by one dude that works with pretty much all cameras, wirelessly (infrared). And it works great! But that’s for my N900, and I’m afraid the One X I’m getting after this won’t have infrared :(

    But no, I’d never pay this much for something one guy can create in his spare time.

  • Jonas Andersen

    Watch the simple layout of the electronics used. I appears to simply take the audio signal from your phone and uses that low voltage to create the “short” needed to trigger your camera. Your ordinary manual cable release is  just a device that shorts two wires. No amount of voltage needs to go into your camera. I would assume this device to be 100% safe to use for your camera.

  • Brian

    haha just shoot Canon and use the DSLR Controller app on your Android phone. Connects directly via usb and supports all this bullsnot! 

  • Seth Christie

    “Something one guy can create in his spare time.”  

    And here is what is annoying… and where as a software engineer myself I see crazy hypocrisy here. Photographers will rant about not getting paid enough or valued for their craft… but these same photographers don’t want to pay others, or they will pirate software. If you deserve recognition for your work, you had better believe the people that make your work possible should. Do you think just anyone can figure this out? Far more training went into his ability to do this than nearly everyone that calls themselves a photographer.

  • Chris

    I just remembered that the ti89 calculator worked as a remote controller as well, right?
    Must be the same method which would make 50 / 70 $ quite a bad deal.

  • Rogan Thomson

    There’s already a fully developed product in the market there that does this and already has the features that this lot are apparently working on. I saw it in the UK at the focus on imaging show last month – top product… see here

  • bob cooley

    With the OnOne software, you need a laptop as an intermediary device.  It is nice though if you don’t mind the extra hardware…

  • bob cooley

    Except that the hardware component (the cable) isn’t available yet… so it can’t be used…

  • lennartbnl

    I agree with you. But $50 / $70 is alot for an app and a cable, and a lower price might even be more profitable in the end with a product like this.

    I do think it’s a great product though, for professionals, but lower the price, and it’ll be worth the money for hobby photographers as well :) 

  • kendon

    i was about to say the same. then i thought for a microsecond and remembered that you need a phone with usb host support for that.

  • Spider- Man


  • Craigcoleran

    Just buy a remote shutter release and save yourself a lot of unnesserary messing about…you can pick one up for a tenner!!!

  • Charles

    There is already an iPhone app called Trigger Happy…? 

  • Flgraphics

    I wonder if they licensed the use of the music in their video?

    looks like a nice app, but $70 for an app is too much

  • john

    there are apps that trigger on a smile as well. no need for a cable that way :)

  • Jeff Smith

    I spent about $50 for a shutterboss, which of course is less than retail, but makes the initial feature set of this app less impressive. However, if they can add lightning detection, and it WORKS…those boxes are like $300-$400.  $70 becomes an excellent deal if/when that happens.

  • Treyrh

    Did you get it and was it worth it?

  • Ian Ludwig

    FYI, it funded and still hasn’t shipped. Also if you download the app from the store it doesn’t currently have half of what was promised. Here is to hoping that once I get my cable the app will be updated to include what was promised.

  • Ian Ludwig

    FYI, it funded and still hasn’t shipped. Also if you download the app from the store it doesn’t currently have half of what was promised. Here is to hoping that once I get my cable the app will be updated to include what was promised.