The Pinout is a Remote Shutter, Anti-Theft Device, and GPS for Your DSLR


If you judge your photography gadgets on versatility, then the Pinout should score high marks. A remote shutter release, intervalometer, and geotagging device with a nifty loss/theft prevention feature built in, Pinout promises to do a lot given its minuscule size.

The little GPS-enabled remote shutter is compatible with Nikon DSLRs (more brands in development), and works by simply attaching to your camera and pairing with the Pinout smartphone app.

From there, what it does is all dependent on variations of those two features: GPS and remote shutter. The remote shutter functionality lets you trigger your camera or set an interval for time-lapses, while the GPS enables both precise geotagging and loss/theft prevention by alerting you when you’ve wandered too far from your camera (or visa versa, in the case of theft).



The remote release feature is also pretty neat and goes far beyond simply triggering the camera. In addition to pressing a button in the app to take a photo, you can also shake your phone, press the volume button, or use the camera’s microphone to trigger the camera with your voice.

And the intervalometer function can be used in conjunction with the GPS functionality to do a distance-lapse, triggering the camera by distance travelled instead of time interval.

Here’s a video introducing these and some of the other functionalities of Pinout’s various models:

The Pinout was 115% funded on Indiegogo in January, but you can still pick one up for yourself by putting down a pledge. You can choose from the Basic Kit, which includes loss prevention and remote shutter, for just $24; the Pro Kit, which adds geotagging and time-lapse functionality, for $54; and the Full Kit, that does all of this plus HDR, bulb-ramping, and more, for $89.

Head over to the project’s Indiegogo page to find out more or pre-order yours.

(via Digital Trends)