Use Your Car as a Photography Blind to Get Close to Wildlife

Want to get closer to animals when doing wildlife photography? If there’s access, your car can do the trick by serving as a photography blind. Scott Bourne of Photofocus writes,

For whatever reason, most wildlife (birds included) won’t spook or flush when they see a car. Open the car door, step out of the car, now that’s a totally different situation. But as long as you stay in the car, your chances of getting close enough to wildlife to get the shot are improved by 90%.

(via Photofocus)

Image credit: CAR STUCK IN SAND – BULL ISLAND by infomatique

  • Julian

     I made the same experience with a bike helmet…..well, with the birds coming really close

  • Kiddlywinks2

    the car is in the water in the pic?  prolly not a wise idea…:-)

  • Wil Fry

    The same is true of course, for photographing houses, buildings, and people. If you see a beautiful house or structure and stand in front of it to get a picture, you’re more likely to spook someone. But pausing a moment in your car to snap a photo and driving away often goes unnoticed.