This Video Was Created Entirely in a Future Version of Photoshop

Adobe is getting serious about making Photoshop a serious tool for editing video. The sample video above was made entirely using an upcoming version of the program. Regarding why this is being added into Photoshop rather than left to Premiere Pro, product manager Bryan O’Neil Hughes states,

Video is now being generated by photographers… everyone really; the 5D Mk. II really kicked it off on the DSLR, but since then we’ve seen just about every DSLR, point and shoot and PHONE generate video… most of it HD! We did several waves of research and regularly heard, “I want Photoshop for video”; “I need a workflow I understand” and for the people who had seen what we introduced in CS3 Extended – “make that easier to use.” Video is being generated by more people than ever before; it’s being shared more places than ever… and yet people are hitting a wall with what they can do with it! They know and love Photoshop… their stills are already passing through it, the fit is more natural than it sounds at first.

You’ll soon be able to do to video just about anything do with stills: filters, adjustments, etc…

(via Adobe via John Nack)

  • Senen L

    Exciting news! just the idea of using a very similar workflow of photos for video makes me very happy

  • Simon Meisinger

    has to be fake. there already is a photoshop for video, it’s called After Effects.

  • Kyoshinikon

    Ever used After effects?   You can use all of the adjustment layers used in Pshop as well as many of the filters etc…  I could see them merging the software eventually though. They added some 3D tools in Cs5 so I expect them to add basic video too…

  • Studio79

    Considering what they are doing with Lightroom4, I’m really not surprised. Pretty excited for it though as a photographer who also does video production.

  • lloyd

    I have been wanting this for years, premiere pro and after effects are awkward programs that have anal workflows.

    how crazy would it be to CROP a video! OMG the world might implode

  • Guest

    Just because DSLR’s have a video function, doesn’t mean that photographers should make films. This is absolute madness. Why convolute a program, that is designed for editing photographs, by adding video functionality? They are closely related but fundamentally different arts, and so the tools that facilitate them should remain separate and distinguished from one another. If you want to edit video, get proper editing software.

  • Terrance Lam

    I know they are being tight lipped about it, but I predict they extended the Animation timeline that most people don’t know much about and added video functionality in there. It would be the logical progression of that feature. When Adobe killed ImageReady, I was glad that a good chunk of that software lived on in the Animation timeline. Now it would be nice to see classic Premiere 1.0 added to that timeline. I anticipate a very simple to use interface that is reminisce of video editing software of the early 90’s

  • Kevin Welch

    I’m going to say that some of this is CS6 / CS6.5 functionality. Some of the shots in the video are the same people/locations as used in Adobe’s recent Photoshop feature showcase videos. 

  • Christopher

     There is a crop tool in Premiere Pro. What is all the fuss? Premiere Pro works and acts just about the same as Photoshop, and what you can’t do in Premiere you just export to Photoshop or After Effects.

    Every time a company merges programs, they dumb them down. I hope they don’t do this to the Adobe workflow which most people don’t realize is much stronger then Final Cut or Avid.

  • Mieka

    Does he not know his own products? If I wanted to half-a$$ a wedding video, I’d rather do it in After Effects.

  • Cognitomedia

    People sometimes ask me if there is such thing as photoshop for video.  I have always said “Yes.  It’s called After Effects”!

  • Maki

    Waves of research? Hope not too much cuz you already got a
    Photoshop for video called After Effects!

  • perceptionalreality

    This explains why grading seems to be missing from LR4. 

  • 9inchnail

    Oh no, oh no, things are gonna change, we are all doomed !!!
    Get over yourselves. Why buy two seperate pieces of software that cost quite a fortune if you just want basic video editing and don’t want to learn another workflow? If you don’t like the video functions, don’t use them. Yes, folks, it is that easy. It’s not like they are eliminating all other software packages. You can still use your After Effects. The average amateur photographer that shoots a video once in a while certainly does not want to buy another program.

  • Tyler

    Ohh. exciting.  This could be very nice for stock photographers.  I work almost entirley in Photoshop and know the layout well, having to edit 15 second clips in AfterEffects seems a bit overkill.  If this could be put into photoshop I’d be very happy.

  • unikorna

    Nevertheless only a human touch can transform a perfect picture into a masterpiece :).

  • Dave

     In Premiere Pro: Filter effect>Motion>scale. That is your crop, and you can rotate as well.

  • Dave

     I am primarily a still photographer but have really enjoyed video (mostly editing) over the past couple years. I completely agree with you. Why bloat one program when a superior solution already exists?

  • Dave

     Those of us that can afford more than one graphics program would prefer not to have their bitmap editing program bloated with video editing tools. If you want basic video editing tools, use the program that was shipped with your camera….you already have it and would need to break your bank actually buying video software. Yes, it’s that simple.

  • Nathan Caulford

    …and that’s why they’re (allegedly) going this direction, because people who have no idea what functionality Premiere offers are whining.

  • Jackson Cheese

    Why use Photoshop anymore when you could just use Instagram?

  • Arnem

    I think what Adobe is saying is that for those people who don’t want to buy and learn a professional tool like After Effects or Premiere, they can just use Photoshop to do the little bit they need to do but if you wanted to be serious about it, they still have their production tools.

  • lloyd

     scale is NOT a crop, you wouldn’t stretch a picture to crop it.

  • lloyd


  • Dave

     You would if you wanted the crop to be the same size as the native image. It would be stretched through interpolation. If you wanted the cropped image area to remain its native size, you would have a smaller format final product, which is also possible using Premier Pro.

  • newamericanclassic

    so it’ll be photoshop with some really basic components of after effects? wouldn’t that discourage sales from after effects? you really can’t argue that everyone who buys after effects are pros who would buy it regardless

  • Andrew Williams

    Fine, but how soon will Photoshop do spreadsheets? Apparently Adobe has no plan and will do whatever users ask for now.

    More and more, Adobe makes me want to ask, “Who’s in charge of you, little guy? Let’s go find your daddy, okay?”

  • SFfilmIndie

    I concur: As a Film Graduate who has appreciation for all the arts, with respect to photographers, Film or these days VIDEO capture on DSLR does not automatically lend itself to similar build and expression as story telling. There is a reason why the software UI is built that way because it was based on the traditions of film editing.

  • Chimpunk2009

    It must be kind of depressing to work at Adobe these days, between management allowing the PS team to sh*t on other teams like this and their screwing up the touch apps so royally…