Polaroid Instant App Brings Instagram-Style Filters to Your Mac

Instant is a newly launched Mac application that brings an Instagram-esque, Polaroid-faking app to your desktop. It allows you to turn any digital photograph into a Polaroid picture look-alike, and offers 28 different filters for giving your images vintage looks (8 of which are designed to look like Polaroid films). You can even add classic Polaroid frames to images and jot notes onto them. The app costs $7 and is available from the Mac App Store.

Instant (via Photojojo)

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    a bit pricey, but I like it. I know I could make the same effects with lightroom og phoroshop, which I use daily. but sometimes it nice to just drag and drop = profit :)

  • Matty

    I just got it! A bit expensive (should be 5 dollars) but still pretty cool and really easy to use. 

  • Alexander Baxevanis

    There’s a few of these apps already – the one I use is called Analog:

  • Geoffrey Froment

    petapixel is becoming iOSpetapixel ?

  • mike gerpe

    Do they have a service that sends real Polaroid prints to your home after editing?